Favorites for Friday

It’s been over a month since my last Friday Favorites, so that means it’s time for another, right? I know it’s not Friday yet, but there’s only an hour left on Thursday and we’re in Disney World right now, so I wanted to take the opportunity to pop in and share a quick photo with this post since we’re doing lots of our favorite things right now.

This was at the Garden Grill at Epcot. We grabbed a last-minute reservation and since it was fairly empty in there, we saw the characters several times and they were very playful. Chip tried to playfully take Sheepy and give him a hug, but Trent wanted him back asap! Don’t mess with Sheepy!!

May Disney Trip


Here are some fun things found on the interwebs, going on in our lives, etc.

1. These photos of different perspectives of popular travel destinations. It’s crazy seeing the reality of some of those places in a different view than what you see in most photos online.

2. I meant to share this a while ago, but we were asked by Shutterfly to share a tip on how to get children to “cooperate” during a photo shoot. We gave a tip that we have used for each Christmas Card with Trent…an iPad! See the full list here!

3. Our old dishwasher kicked the bucket, so it was time for an upgrade. I don’t know what world I live in, but I thought a new dishwasher would be in the $200 max range…HA! Luckily, we got a good deal at Costco and our new one is so quiet, I can’t believe we put up with our loud one for as long as we did!



4. A new dog bed…for the cat apparently. That’s a stank eye if I ever saw one.

Dog bed


5. Strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream, courtesy of my boss.

Strawberry Shortcake


6. This Stress Relief Foaming Bath from Aveeno. This was a part of my pregnancy favorites list way back when, but when Trent ran out of bubble bath one night, I used some of the leftovers I had of this and he slept so well that night. So I used it for a few nights until I ran out. It smells wonderful and I will testify that the calming, sleepy properties of the lavender must have worked really great on Trent!

Aveeno Bath


7. Those of you that have been following along now for a while may remember that we have some water and drainage issues (not to be confused with sewage issues) in our neighborhood. Well, finally after a year of phone calls and plans being drawn up and approved, the county has started to work on the solution. They started cutting a path of trees the other day and then they can start building what will hopefully prevent and water from flowing through our yard or destroying our pool liner. I’m so happy that taking a chance to call and “complain” has actually turned out in our favor. Kudos to Brett for the countless phone calls, photos and videos over the past year.


I hope your Friday is a fantastic one! Brett will be at Magic Kingdom ALL DAY and Trent and I will be hanging out by the pool and will meet Brett at MK later in the evening! Fun!



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