Mickey Waffles on a Stick at Home

Perhaps the most popular breakfast item at Walt Disney World is the Mickey Waffle. It’s just a delicious and comforting reminder that you’re in your happy place. Kids think they’re fun – fun to look at and fun to eat!

A year or so ago, we bought a “waffle maker” from Amazon and while it makes delicious Mickey Shaped pancakes, they aren’t the waffles like we know and love at WDW.

So we were so excited to find a new waffle-maker that makes mini Mickey Waffles on a stick – and they are PERFECT!

Mickey Waffle maker-1200


It’s the Classic Mickey Disney 4 Waffle Stick Maker and we got it on Amazon (<—direct link).

Mickey Waffle maker-1202


The best part is that you can use any waffle or pancake mix you want – from a box, from scratch, whatever you prefer! You just pour some batter in, then put the stick in (it comes with sticks already too!), then pour some more batter over it and let it cook about 5-6 minutes until it reaches that lovely golden-brown color. You can also make them without the sticks.

Mickey Waffle maker-1201


I can tell we’re raising Disney fanatics because Brett opened the Amazon box and Trent immediately said “Mickey waffles!” Then when it was time for dinner after his nap, he magically appeared in front of us holding the empty waffle-maker box and a box of Belgium waffle mix. We were like “Umm, are you trying to tell us something?”

He sat patiently at the kitchen counter waiting to get the first one. The ear is always the first thing to go!

Mickey Waffle maker-1203


These are perfect for dipping!

Mickey Waffle maker-1204 Mickey Waffle maker-1205


Even Aubrey got in on the Mickey Waffle action!

Mickey Waffle maker-1206


These were perfect for her to hold and take small bites from. She ate the entire thing!

Mickey Waffle maker-1207


They can also be frozen to enjoy later…just let them cool completely on a rack and then place them in a resealable freezer bag. When you’re ready to eat, just reheat in the waffle-maker or the oven. :)

I’m thinking we need to try these with brownie batter next! YUM!

Get your Mickey Waffle Stick Maker here!

Scientifically Beautiful Skin with Copper Cleanse

I’ve told you guys before that I get nervous about trying new skin care products on my face, but I’ve had some great experiences lately to make me start being more adventurous, and this product also came to me at the best time. I’ve been feeling pretty run down and tired lately with traveling and being super busy, and have actually fallen asleep with my makeup on TWICE in the past few weeks. I’m really embarrassed about it because that is an ultimate no-no. My skin just looks blah and has retaliated against me by becoming an adult version of my teenage acne face. Do they make an adult/teenage acne face emoji?

Coincidentally, at a recent gathering, my sister-in-law and niece raved about this new cleanser they’ve been using called Copper Cleanse. They are both so gorgeous and if my niece can make her teenage-girl skin look that amazing, then I definitely had to give it a try.



A little more about Copper Cleanse:

We are an all-natural company that focuses on quality over quantity. We use the best ingredients and pair them with cutting edge science practices that result in exquisite products. Simply put, we know copper cleanse is the best skin care and acne fighting formula in existence.  

We all seek ageless beauty, clear and blemish free skin and by leveraging recent scientific breakthroughs and clinical studies that have proven the powerful benefits of using Copper as a skin care agent, we decided to work with organic chemists to design our exclusive formulas to be both powerful and safe. We infused an Aloe Vera and essential oil formula with ionized copper and the results are beautiful.

There is no other skin care product like us on the market. The natural healing properties of copper promote highly elastic skin, while reducing blemishes and scaring by promoting the breakdown of large collagen deposits and encouraging the production of new collagen cells.



The Copper Cleanse Purifying Foam is meant to be used once a day in place of your normal cleanser. I just love the feel of a foam wash! It contains copper, essential oils, and aloe to promote the reduction and elimination of acne, inflammation, irritation, scars, blemishes, dead skin cells, clogged pores, and harmful oils.

Just put two pumps into your hands, rub it all over your face, then let it sit for about 10 seconds to let all those beneficial ingredients soak in. Then rinse off and pat your face dry.


It is a powerful and effective foam, but wasn’t harsh on my sensitive, but oily skin. I tried it at night for several days and then in the morning for several days. It’s really your preference as long as you’re consistent, in my opinion.

Whether I used it at night or in the morning, I always used the Copper Spot Rescue at night. The Copper Spot Rescue is a gel packed with copper, Aloe Vera, and other essential oils to promote rapid elimination of acne, irritation, redness, and blemishes. Kinda like a direct punch to those pesky spots!


It’s applied via a convenient rollerball…just wash your face as usual, pat dry, the roll a small amount of the Copper spot rescue over any acne or red spots to give potent treatment to just those areas.


As with any new skin care product, it takes a a few uses for your skin to start showing results and a little bit to reach desired results, but I’ve been using it for about 2-3 weeks and it’s already gotten much better. My skin is far from perfect, and always will be – thank you genes – so I try really hard to take care of it to make it look as best I can. Not only did this help my skin when I was bad, but it helped my sister-in-law even when she thought her skin was fine to begin with!



The creators of Copper Cleanse are so confident in their product that they guarantee your satisfaction and back it up with a full refund policy.

And if you need more convincing, use code TPW25 for 25% off!! Just enter the code at checkout :)

Shop: cucleanse.com

Copper Cleanse on Facebook


I love that I can get a powerful and effective product without a need for a prescription. But, as with any type of skin care, consult your doctor if you have any questions.

This product was provided to me to facilitate a review. My opinions are my own and honest. Thanks for reading!


Turkey Veggie Kabobs

I found these Turkey Veggie Kabobs while scrolling through the Hormel Foods Recipes Facebook page…what a good idea! When I think of “kabobs” I usually think of chicken or steak with veggies cooked on the grill and served hot. And while that sounds so delicious too, these would be great to quickly throw together and enjoy immediately without cooking, perhaps along with some potato salad, fruit and chips. Doesn’t that sound like a fun picnic? Oh, and wouldn’t your kids love to get mini turkey sandwich kabobs in their lunch boxes? So fun!


  • 2 slices of Whole Grain Bread
  • 1 head of lettuce
  • 10 grape tomatoes
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • 1 package of Natural Choice® Deli Turkey
  • 4 skewers

1. Cut 2 slices of bread into 4 squares.
2. Cut 2 slices of cheese in half.
3. Cut lettuce into bite-size pieces.
4. Arrange grape tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, bread, and turkey onto skewers – and distribute ingredients evenly. Enjoy!


For other Hormel Bacon Recipes, visit their recipe list here!

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This post was written by me as part of my involvement in the Hormel Family Blogger Program. Thanks for reading!


Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC Review

Welcome to the final installment of my #StreamTeam New York City Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Adventure series! To see the main page with links to all of the installments, go here!

I took so many photos of my room at the Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC Hotel that I felt it deserved its own post. :)

There are two Gansevoort Hotels in NYC – this one on Park Avenue and one in the Meatpacking District.

My room was on the 9th floor. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

This is immediately upon entering the room. To the left is the bathroom and straight ahead is the rest of the room. I just love those bold pink curtains.

Gansevoort Park Ave 18


The bathroom was plenty spacious for just me…or maybe everything seems spacious when you’re not sharing it with 3 other people.

Gansevoort Park Ave 19


There was a large basin sink with countertop space all around. By the end of the trip, I had all my makeup and stuff laid out across the front for quick access. There are drawers and cabinets underneath for storage, as well.

Gansevoort Park Ave 1


The tub was huge! Tall and wide…I would love this tub at home for myself and to bathe two babies.

Gansevoort Park Ave 3


The Gansevoort provides cutler toiletries.

Gansevoort Park Ave 2


I love this light fixture in the front entryway of the room.

Gansevoort Park Ave 5


The main room has a King bed, a sofa, desk and fridge.

Gansevoort Park Ave 20


I love the bold pops of color against the gray.

Gansevoort Park Ave 6


There were tables on both sides of the bed and plenty of places to charge devices.

Gansevoort Park Ave 13


Oh look at this cute stuffed animal, is that for me?

Gansevoort Park Ave 14


Nope! $10! (Let’s set that aside right now)

Gansevoort Park Ave 15


There’s a nice large floor, full-length mirror with lights. I would love that at home too!

Gansevoort Park Ave 21 Gansevoort Park Ave 7


The bar is fully stocked.

Gansevoort Park Ave 9

With good stuff too!

Gansevoort Park Ave Collage

And a good selection of snacks and sundries are there too (for an additional fee, of course).

Gansevoort Park Ave 23


Espresso. Fancy. There’s also a Starbucks across the street, if you prefer.

Gansevoort Park Ave 24


My view down….

Gansevoort Park Ave 12


…and my view up.

Gansevoort Park Ave 25


There is a rooftop bar with a separate entrance and elevator. They even check your ID before you get on the elevator.

Gansevoort Park Ave 28


The view is fantastic…the outside area has bench seating all around the edge with small tables sporadically.

Gansevoort Park Ave 27


It was a tad windy when we were there, so we enjoyed our drinks inside.



Love these bold chandeliers in the lobby.

Gansevoort Park Ave 17 Gansevoort Park Ave 16


The hotel spa, Exhale, offers facials and massages, among other things. I enjoyed an Exhale Flow Signature Massage and it was so relaxing and delightful.

Gansevoort Park Ave 26

I had never heard of the Gansevoort prior to this trip, but I enjoyed my room and my stay. :)


I hope you enjoyed reading about my #StreamTeam Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Adventure in New York City. To read the rest of the days and watch the video, check out the main post here.

Be sure to check out Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix! The entire 1st season is available to stream and it’s hilarious!

Thank you to Netflix and their PR team for this amazing trip! All of my expenses were paid for, but my opinions are my own and honest. Relive all of our experiences by searching the hashtag #StreamTeamUKS on Instagram.



A #StreamTeam Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Adventure in New York City: Day 3

Welcome to the third installment of my #StreamTeam New York City Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Adventure series! To see the main page with links to all of the installments, go here!

Day 3 started with our final gathering of the trip. We met in the hotel lobby and walked a few blocks to Sarabeth’s.

NYC 147 NYC 146


Apparently, 8:30am is too early for NYC because we basically had the place to ourselves. Lucky us!

NYC 101


We all had a difficult time choosing what to get. Pancakes? Eggs? Muffins? All of the above?

NYC 102


Muffins for the table.

NYC 149


Sarabeth’s is famous for their delicious varieties of jams. We received several with our muffins, but unfortunately I was so full from my meal that I didn’t get to try any. Looking back, I wish I would have just stuck my spoon in all of them to taste…I’m sure the other girls wouldn’t have minded ;)

NYC 104


I chose the Lemon & Ricotta pancakes, which had blackberries on the side. These pancakes were really thick, I could only eat 3!

NYC 103


I just had to take a photo of one of the other dishes before she ate it, this Toasted Coconut Waffle with mango and rum butter sauce was so pretty.

NYC 148


After breakfast, we sadly departed ways, as each person had separate itineraries for their trips home. Since I had a few hours until my driver would pick me up at the hotel, I quickly packed all of my things from the room and had the front desk hold my luggage while I went on a solo adventure to Times Square…I wanted to go to the Disney Store!

Sure I could have taken a taxi, but I knew I’d be cramped on a plane the rest of the day – so I walked so I could take in the sights, such as the Empire State Building.

NYC 105


No trip to the top for me this day, but one day I would like to either go to the top here or the Top of the Rock Observation Deck.

NYC 106


I somehow ended up on the Avenue of the Americas – like the Streets of America in Hollywood Studios! There happened to be a big street fair several blocks long so there was lots to look at – and I didn’t have to wait at every block to cross the street since the road was blocked.

NYC 150


One way you know you’ve arrived at Times Square is this thing…perhaps you’ve seen it?

NYC 107


Another way you’ll know is from all the terrible costumed characters. I had no problem ignoring them (aside from shaking of my head and laughing), but I just HAD TO get a photo with “Iron Man.”

NYC 115

He was such a terrible excuse for Iron Man…I mean, look, he has a fanny pack on! Nonetheless, I wanted to create a scene from the 1st episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “Kimmy Goes Outside.”.

NYC 119


Hey, I was there!

NYC 109


While the Disney Store was smaller than what I was expecting, I loved all the unique details. Plus, we don’t have one in Tallahassee, so I’ll take what I can get.

NYC 111

Many of the items for sale could also be purchased online or at WDW, so I just picked up some souvenirs specific to NY, like “I <3 NY” shirts for all of us, but the heart is a Mickey Head, as well as a magnet and keychain.

I did chuckle a little when I saw the Iron Man section after my experience with “Times Square Iron Man” – this costume looks better than his!

NYC 110

I made a quick trip into M&M World and Hershey’s World, but didn’t buy anything – mostly because I had no room in my suitcase and because I didn’t want to stand in line for chocolate that I can get anywhere.

NYC 112 NYC 152


I still had some time left, so I sat on the stairs and took some photos and video and just people watched for a little bit…which was truly entertaining.

NYC 113 NYC 114 NYC 151


On my walk back to the hotel, I was hungry and knew I would only have airport food as my option…then I conveniently was coming up to a pizza place and immediately began reminiscing of pizza from when I lived in NJ. So I stopped and had 2 slices.

NYC 116

Pizza with a view and a history lesson. I took a photo of this building while I ate so I could remember to look it up later.

NYC 117

“1356 Broadway, the landmark Haier Building, was originally constructed in 1922-1924 as the Greenwich Bank Building, designed by architects Edward Palmer York and Philip Sawyer. Haier America acquired the building in 2002 and it now serves as the company’s headquarters.”

…hmmph, that wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped.


While I ate, I looked at the map on my phone and realized that back when I was sitting and killing time on the stairs in Times Square, that I was only 2 blocks from Rockefeller Plaza. I could have walked there for some photos. Darn.

I arrived back at the hotel to see my driver already waiting for me.

NYC 118


I grabbed my luggage from the front desk, rearranged everything for the airport and then headed out.

Not only was there a storm in Atlanta (my connecting destination) that was holding up some flights, but there was a storm coming to NY too. We boarded on time, but we were delayed in pulling out from the terminal. Once we got in line, the captain came on the speaker and told us we were free to roam the plane and turn our electronic devices on since we were behind 20 other planes waiting to take off and that it would probably be at least 45 minutes (which would cause me to miss my connecting flight by this point).

NYC 120


Just as people started moving around, the captain came back on and told everyone to hurry and get back to your seats and fasten seatbelts because we get to move to the front of the line and take off immediately! WOOOT!

I took a video of us passing everyone in line as we took off.

But then we started to enter the storm…

NYC 121

…and I had to seriously take Kimmy’s advice and just keep “getting through the next 10 seconds” because visibility was zero and there was so much commotion from our quick jump of the line, and the turbulence had us all grabbing the seats in front of us. Craziness.

NYC 122

But then we were met with this. So beautiful.

NYC 123

The rest of my flight was good and I arrived home on time. It was good to see everyone and was glad they weren’t in bed yet.

It was so nice taking this adventure on my own/with other women, but it is always so wonderful coming home to family. :)


I hope you enjoyed reading about Day 3 of my #StreamTeam Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Adventure in New York City. To read the rest of the days and watch the video, check out the main post here.

Be sure to check out Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix! The entire 1st season is available to stream and it’s hilarious!

Thank you to Netflix and their PR team for this amazing trip! All of my expenses were paid for, but my opinions are my own and honest. Relive all of our experiences by searching the hashtag #StreamTeamUKS on Instagram.