Spring has Sprung with Febreze!

I’ve always been a fan of candles, plug-ins and anything of the “make the air smell nice” variety. After all, with a dog, a cat and a toddler (and a messy husband?) in the house, we work hard to make the house smell nice and keep it that way. One of the things I look forward to when Spring rolls around is being able to open the doors and windows and get some air flowing through the house. This fresh air combined with some lovely scented items around the house makes it feel so fresh and inviting.

Since we can’t have candles going all the time with a toddler that’s growing like a weed reaching for anything and everything he’s NOT supposed to touch, we love the options available from Febreze. It’s the next best thing to rooms filled with fresh cut flowers!

I was invited to try some new scented items from the Febreze Spring Collection, which included a NOTICEables Warmer, NOTICEables Notables in Sweet Pea & Pink Petals, a Set & Refresh in Rain, and a Vent Clip in Rain.

Febreze Spring Collection

The chosen location for the NOTICEables was one of our bathrooms. It actually gives the entire floor a nice spring scent that alternates between the two scents to maintain freshness for 30 days. Along with our little pink bunny, we are ready for Easter!

Febreze Spring

I like how you can adjust the scent intensity, and I find the lowest setting just right to give a nice scent without being overwhelming. I liked these two scents the most. :)

Febreze Spring 2

My car is 9 years old, so that new car smell is long gone. The Vent Clip provides a nice boost of freshness and scent. Since it’s small, you don’t have to worry about it overpowering your car.

Febreze 2

Lastly, the Set & Refresh was perfect for my office desk, since I can’t use candles and want just enough scent for my little area and not the entire floor. Although I’m sure my coworkers wouldn’t mind ;)

Febreze 3

The Rain scent was a little much for me, which is why I love how every item’s intensity level can be adjusted.  The Sweet Pea scent was delightful and even though I didn’t get to try the Nectar scent, I’m sure it smells amazing!

The new Febreze Spring Collection is available for sale at Walmart now and you can learn more by going here:

Website: http://wm6.walmart.com/febreze-brand-store.aspx
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/febreze
Twitter: https://twitter.com/febreze_fresh 


This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze. Thanks for reading!


Disney Dream Bahamas Cruise Trip Report {Day 3}

Welcome to our trip report! To start reading from day 1, click here!

Today’s the day! Squeeee! Embarkation day of our first Disney cruise!

I had been looking forward to going on a cruise again ever since our last cruise, and it was even more exciting since we figured we’d never go on a Disney cruise due to the cost. But here we were…

When I had done the online check-in, the earliest time available was 10:30 am. At first, I was a little disappointed, as I wanted to get on the ship as early as possible, but I figured we could just show up early and see how it goes.

Well, we slept in a bit later than we should have and then went and got breakfast at the Contempo Cafe. I don’t think we even got on the road until 10:30 and we still had about an hour’s drive to Port Canaveral. Here we are…late as usual.

We embarked at Port Canaveral on our last cruise and absolutely loved it and this was no different. Disney has their own cruise terminal there, so we just follow the signs right on in. We dropped our bags off at the porter and then parked in the garage.

We stood in the regular check-in line, but a Cast Member was asking people in line if they were concierge, so he could walk them over to the concierge line. When he asked us, I said “No, but it’s my birthday!” and he took us over to the concierge line. :)

I don’t think it was much shorter, but we waited less than 15 minutes.


It was open boarding, so there was no line to get on the ship after checking in…I guess that is one plus of arriving late. We took advantage of the emptiness and took some photos of the ship replica.

Disney Dream Cruise-1 Disney Dream Cruise-2

…and posed in front of the entrance. Trent obviously wasn’t paying attention.

Disney Dream Cruise-3

We skipped right past the photos, because we had our bags and stuff and Trent in the stroller and we weren’t quite prepared for it, so we just walked right onto the ship. I’m glad we didn’t stop because we forgot to look at our photos from cruise anyway.

Staterooms were ready, so we walked right to ours to put our stuff away. We first took a few photos of the room before we messed it up with all of our stuff. I’ll just post one here, but you can see all the photos and our review of the room here.

Disney Dream Cruise-7

Trent was a fan of the large portholes with seating…not for sitting, of course, but for running on and jumping from!

Disney Dream Cruise-12

We then went to Cabanas, the buffet area, for lunch. We had a nice view at a table outside and enjoyed shrimp, crab legs (although not the kind I would have preferred) and a little bit of everything else. I’m glad we got to eat here this day, as we never got a chance to eat lunch there again the rest of the trip (more on that later).

We then went up to the top deck to take in the view and prepare for the Sail Away party.

Coincidentally, we were in port with the same ships as when we departed 2 years ago…some itty bitty Carnival ship…

Disney Dream Cruise-13

And our favorite ship so far (yup, I said it!), the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas. I’m not gonna lie, as excited as I was about being on the Dream, I wanted to jump on over to the Freedom…we had such a fun time on that ship.

Disney Dream Cruise-14

Here we go…bye bye land!

Disney Dream Cruise-15

The Sail Away party had already begun, but I was lucky enough to squeeze Trent’s stroller in between two people that had left a gap. I could kinda see, but I was more concerned that he could see the characters when they came out. After all, isn’t that half the reason you take a Disney Cruise is to have access to characters too?

Well, after a few minutes of regular people (aka non-characters) dancing around to popular music that I’d never heard of before (I must be old), I look down and that boy is passed out asleep! Well, I wasn’t going to stand there barely able to see with him asleep, so I strolled over to the railing and waved at the people on land. I don’t know why, but I just love doing that…especially with my Mickey hand!

We went back to the room and unpacked our bags, which were waiting for us outside of our room, then we got ready for dinner.

We had originally chosen the late seating, but remembered how we missed every single sunset on our last cruise because of the timing. We also thought it would be better for Trent to eat earlier and then be able to have some more fun after dinner before going to bed.

Disney does rotational dining among their three dining rooms. Each night you, along with your servers, eat at a different restaurant with a different theme…in addition to eating at one place twice on the Pirate night. Tonight, our designated location was the Enchanted Garden.

When we arrived, there was hardly anyone there yet, but Trent already has his own kiddie cup of water with his name and a Mickey head on the lid.

Disney Dream Cruise-16

Mickey heads on the cup!

Disney Dream Cruise-17

Trent started out with a fruit bowl with strawberry syrup drizzled on top. He doesn’t typically like the kind of fruit they put in there, but he ate far more than we expected and we assume it’s because of the strawberry drizzle. I wonder if we can get him to eat pasta if we drizzle strawberry syrup on top???

Disney Dream Cruise-18

We both started out with North Atlantic Lobster Ravioli with Roasted Garlic and Sweet Basil in a light Tomato Broth. I think my favorite part was all the big chunks of garlic! The rest of the dish was kind of plain, but still decent.

Disney Dream Cruise-19

Brett then had a Romaine Wedge: Fresh Crisp Romaine topped with a Creamy Romano Dressing and Homemade Spiced Croutons. I tried some and it was delicious. I liked his better than mine!

Disney Dream Cruise-20

My salad was a Baby Spinach Salad: Tender Spinach tossed with fresh sliced Raspberries, Toasted Pine Nuts and Crumbled Gorgonzola.

Disney Dream Cruise-21

For dinner, Trent had chicken tenders, french fries and veggies. He ate the fries but hardly anything else. He was in a super picky stage and some foods were very hit or miss.

Disney Dream Cruise-22

Brett had the Marjoram Scented Organic Chicken: Half a Chicken served with Baked Sweet Potatoes and Sautéed Baby Spinach. I had a bite of his and it was delicious. Brett was much better than me at picking out dishes so far…

Disney Dream Cruise-23

I had the Grilled NY Strip Steak with Thyme Roasted Vegetables, Double-baked Potato topped with handmade Herb Butter. I’m not sure it came out the way I would have liked, but I ate most of it.

Disney Dream Cruise-24

Trent watched Toy Story 3 at each meal, which was necessary to keep him entertained since the dining room meals take so long on cruises.

Disney Dream Cruise-25

The waiter brought out a special plate of desserts…I think 1 was passion fruit, but I can’t remember the other one. I didn’t really like them and I was too full to waste stomach space on something I didn’t 100% want, so I only took a bite of each one to try it.

Disney Dream Cruise-26

For dessert, Brett had the Sweet Temptations: A trio of Esterhazy Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Silk Mousse.

Disney Dream Cruise-27

I had the Banana Foster Sundae: Rum-glazed Bananas, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, and Caramel Sauce.

Disney Dream Cruise-28

And as if I wasn’t full enough, we told the waiters we were on the cruise to celebrate my birthday (when we first sat down), so they brought out a chocolate cake and had several waiters sing Happy Birthday. I felt bad but I could only eat a few bites…I was about to explode!

Disney Dream Cruise-29

The Enchanted Garden is a nice restaurant, but there really isn’t a Disney theme to it. In fact, this Mickey statue on top of the fountain in the center of the room was about the only Disney thing we remember seeing.

Disney Dream Cruise-30

After dinner, it was time for us to go watch the show for that night, The Golden Mickeys! We were a little iffy on whether we should go to the shows. We wanted to see the shows, but we also wondered just how interesting they would be to a 1.5 year old..and also to Brett, seeing as he fell asleep during one of the shows during our last cruise. There were times during the Golden Mickeys that were interesting to Trent, like when Toy Story characters came out (since he knows them), but the rest of it left him bored and trying to get out of his seat and run around. There was a part when a bunch of bubbles dropped from the ceiling, but non of them ever reached our seat and I know he really wanted them too, so I was pretty sad for him about that. After the show, we decided that if we were going to watch the shows the rest of the cruise, we would watch them on the tv in our stateroom, a benefit that Disney provides.

After the show, we went back to the room to relax and head to bed. It was an exciting day and we couldn’t wait to explore the Disney Dream even more the next day! Our first stop for the entire next day was in Nassau, Bahamas, so stay tuned for day 4!


In the meantime, you can read some of our other trip reports by visiting our Disney trip report page!


Grayton Beach State Park & Pier Park

On Saturday, we decided to try a new beach…Grayton Beach State Park. It was about 2.5 hours away, which is only about 10 minutes more than the beach we normally go to, but the drive back allowed us to stop at Pier Park in Panama City Beach to enjoy some Red Robin and shopping. We went with some family members and we must bring a lot of stuff because we each had our own “cargo” to carry to the beach.

Even the pregnant woman had to pull 45+ pounds in the Radio Flyer wagon with a 30 pound toddler on my shoulders. The things us moms do!

Beach 1

After all was said and done, this was our little home on the beach for a few hours. That canopy was such an improvement over our umbrella…we had lots of shade. Perfect for a red-haired toddler to play under.

Beach 16

The two times we brought Trent to the beach last year (here and here), he was absolutely NOT a fan of the sand or the ocean. But since he did really well at Castaway Cay in the Bahamas during our cruise, we had high hopes for him being much better this year…and he was! He was trying to get me to put him down as soon as we found our spot! After the mandatory sunscreen application process, he immediately started playing with all of his beach toys.

Beach 12 Beach 13 Beach 15

Brett kept busy by building a sand replica of Main Street USA and Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom!

Beach 2

And then we let Trent destroy it.

Beach 5 Beach 3

Another new item this beach trip was this inflatable beach pool. We had seen and tried a version of this from Pinterest last year using a shower curtain, but we bought this from Zulily a few months ago and it is much easier to set up and hardly gets any sand in it. (They also have it on Amazon)

Beach 14

The ocean water was a little chilly, so when we first got there, we set up this pool, poured the water in it and let it warm up a little. Trent had his own little pool and he loved it.

Beach 17Beach 6 Beach 7 Beach 8

Then it was time to head down to the water.

Beach 9

I walked him down to the ocean, but let him stand on his own to figure out whether he liked it or not.

Beach 19 Beach 20 Beach 21

We think it definitely helped for him to have water shoes on…it was easier for him to run around and not have to think about the sand or seashells touching his feet, which he didn’t like last year.

Beach 22

He would stand back and watch for a few seconds, then run towards the water and then run back. Back and forth…he did a lot of running while we were there and he was definitely much braver!

Beach 23 Beach 24 Beach 25

Jessi was a tad happy…can you tell?

Beach 26

Delicious zero calorie sparkling flavored water…yum.

Beach 10

After a few hours, it was nap time, so we set up the umbrella to block any wind and sun with a little spot for Trent. He fell right asleep…I wanted to join him!

Beach 27 Beach 28

After Trent woke up, we packed up our temporary home and headed towards Pier Park in Panama City Beach to enjoy a tasty dinner at Red Robin. Trent was well-rested and quite rambunctious during our meal.

Beach 29

A must have at every visit to Red Robin…freckled lemonade with free refills!

Freckled Lemonade

I had a Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger with fries. It was good, but I could have used a little more BBQ sauce on it, as it was a little bland.

Beach 30

Brett had a fried chicken sandwich with cheese.

Beach 31

I love how the sides at Red Robin are endless…endless fries, endless broccoli, endless salad. Too bad I don’t think I’ve ever taken advantage of the “endless” benefit.

Beach 32

After dinner, we walked around the shops for a bit and enjoyed the nice afternoon/early evening.

Beach 33 Beach 34 Beach 35

We ended the day with some ice cream and Starbucks. Trent was a fan of the peanut butter and chocolate ice cream Brett picked out.

Beach 36

Can’t you tell?

Beach 37

I was so glad that Trent enjoyed this beach this time and we are so excited to take him more often. In fact, he slept so well the rest of the weekend…and THAT is a darn good reason to go back, as well!!

I hope your weekend was just as great!


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Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Available at Best Buy

Don’t you just love when you find a product that you never really thought you needed, but once you start using it, you wonder where it has been all your life?! This may sound cheesy, but this is how I feel about the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard.

We received a Logitech Harmony Keyboard from Best Buy coincidentally right after we started using the ROKU. It has made using the ROKU so much easier and convenient, but even if you don’t have a ROKU, it also works well with any smart tv, Apple TV and living room PCs.

Logitech Harmony Keyboard

Here are some key features about the Logitech Harmony Keyboard:

Only @ Best Buy (valid 3/5-6/21/2014). Launching at Best Buy March 23rd.

The Harmony Smart Keyboard delivers the full Harmony control experience for TV-connected Internet and home entertainment devices.

Harmony Smart Keyboard makes enjoying digital media in your living room easier than ever. The specially designed keyboard simplifies text entry on internet-connected entertainment  devices. Touch the “Movie” Activity button and the right devices switch  to the right settings. Plus, it has integrated DVR and set-top box controls, playback and volume buttons, and a touchpad  for cursor control on a PC or Mac.

3 one-touch activity button

PC, TV, Movies

Short and long presses provide 6 total activities

Integrate touchpad for cursor control on PC or Mac

Media/Cable/DVR playback controls

Harmony Hub controls devices behind cabinets or walls

IR, RF, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Simple smartphone setup

Harmony App turns iOS & Android smartphones into personal universal remote

Logitech Keyboard and app image

At first, I didn’t think I would like the idea of using a keyboard to control my tv…but then as I used it, it is so much better and I love it. We had 4 remotes before! FOUR! We had to keep 4 remotes from Trent and try not to lose them ourselves and be sure to get the one we needed when trying to do different things like watch regular tv, watch a Blu-Ray, watch the ROKU and so on. Now, the Logitech Keyboard is the only device we need to do all of that…isn’t that crazy? When we want to turn on the tv and cable box, we hit one button; when we want to watch a Bu-Ray, we hit one button….and, well you get the idea. No longer do we have to find one remote to hit a button, then another remote to hit another button. Even once the tv is on, we can stop, play fast-forward and pause any show, we can pull up our DVR and play a recording, we can use our guide to find something to watch and we can jump around channels easily. The buttons have clear labels on them so you know exactly what to hit to accomplish the task.

Logitech Keyboard front angle

The keyboard is large enough so we won’t lose it like a remote, yet slim and compact enough to not be a burden or eyesore when it’s laying out. But even better is being able to use the Harmony app from our phones! We can do everything I just listed above from our phones too. So if we sit down and realize the keyboard is on the table across the room, we can still be lazy and do everything from our phone.

If you’re thinking that this may be too much technical hassle, Brett found it to be very easy to set up. It took some time only because we had a bunch of stuff to set up, but setting up each piece was easy. We even switched phones after setting the app up on our phones, and adding it to our new phones was as easy as hitting the install button…all of our settings were already there!

The Harmony Logitech Keyboard streamlines our tv viewing. Kids can even use it and it’s also easier to tell housesitters and guests how to use it!

For more info and to buy, visit this site: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/promo/logitech-smart-keyboard-harmony-remote-118697


The reviewer received the product/service for free in exchange for this review. Thanks for reading!