Trent’s First Movie Theater Trip: Angry Birds!

This past Sunday, Brett brought Trent to the movie theater for the very first time! Sure, he’s been to the theaters at Disney World, but this was the first time he went to an actual movie theater in our town. I was so excited for him!

movie 4


They saw Angry Birds in 3D. I was a little nervous about how Trent would do with 3D, but he did great…kept his glasses on the entire time and watched everything.

Brett had him do a bunch of things…he got his own ticket from the machine and handed it to employee himself…

movie 1


and got junk food, of course!

movie 2


They even posed with all of the fun movie posters in the lobby!

movie 7


Trent plays Angry Birds on the iPad, so we knew he would like seeing the movie. Another way we knew he would like it is because he enjoys watching Angry Birds Toons on Netflix!



Netflix is great for connecting new movie experiences to television. For instance, he posed with a Finding Dory movie setup and we definitely plan on seeing that. We can also type “Pixar” or “Nemo” or anything related to the movie into the Netflix search box to get similar results…

Netflix 3


Here are some more examples:

Captain America/Avengers

movie 3 Netflix 5


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

movie 5 Netflix 2


The Secret Life of Pets (from the creators of Despicable Me and Minions!)

movie 6 Netflix 4


I guess while we’re saving for all these movie tickets, we can enjoy their Netflix counterparts!


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Birchbox & Ipsy: April 2016

Ok, let’s do a little catch-up, shall we??

I have been loving trying so many different products in my beauty subscription boxes! In fact, I can’t even keep up with them and have several unopened products waiting to be enjoyed. And yet, I just signed up for a third subscription box AND snagged the newest Target Beauty Box. :)

Here are my April Birchbox and Ipsy boxes!

First up, Birchbox!

Birchbox April 1


It’s too bad these pretty boxes are basically useless…but fun to open, nonetheless.

Here’s everything inside:

Birchbox April 2


I’m currently using the hand lotion and tried the PBJ Smoothie Stick, but haven’t had a chance to try the rest. The PBJ Smoothie Stick goes on smooth with rich color, but sadly doesn’t taste like PB&J :(

Birchbox April 3 Birchbox April 4


Next up, Ipsy!

Ipsy April 1


I actually don’t like the bag this month. :( It’s very colorful, just not my style. I have found that these little bags are great for so many uses…like makeup, travel-items, pens, and a way to organize random things in my purse.

Ipsy April 2

Ipsy April 3


To learn more or sign up for Birchbox, head to the Birchbox website!

To learn more or sign up for Ipsy, head to the Ipsy website!


Beach Fun with John Deere Preschool Toys

We have already been to the beach twice this year, which makes me so happy because I didn’t get to go at all last year. You’d think we’d be at the beach more often seeing that we live in Florida, but at about a 1 hour and 30 minute drive to the closest beach, it’s not always so easy to pick up and go…and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might remember how much Trent used to hate the sand and Aubrey was too little to enjoy it a whole lot last year. But now both kids love every part of the beach, so I can definitely see us going more often.

We recently received some fun John Deere Preschool toys from TOMY: John Deere Preschool 15” Big Scoop Dump Truck with Sandbox Toys and the John Deere Preschool 6” Plush Johnny Tractor Bumblerfriends.

The very first thing Trent asked when he saw the dump truck was if he could bring it to the beach…of course, that’s a great place to take it!

John Deere 9


The Big Scoop Dump Truck was so fun at the beach.

John Deere 5


It has a tilting dump bed for loading full of sand and includes three sand tools: scoop/sifter, tractor wheel pattern roller and hand tiller. I love that it came with multiple tools so both kids could have something and share.

John Deere 8


It was pretty sturdy and could simply be rinsed off with the ocean water when we were about to leave. Even better is that it’s not heavy, because carrying heavy stuff from the car to the beach and back again is not fun at all.

Even Aubrey could pick it up…or she’s just super buff. 😉

John Deere 4


There he goes!

John Deere 7

John Deere 6


They also used it in the rock box at home just like a sandbox. :)

The plush Johnny Tractor Bumblerfriends is a cute little stuffed toy that vibrates and plays fun farm music when pressed.

John Deere 1


This is more fun for younger kids, but still very cute.

John Deere 2 John Deere 3


Both toys are available on Amazon and


Birchbox: February 2016

Better late than never, here are some photos of my February Birchbox. :)

Birchbox February 4 Birchbox February 5 Birchbox February 6 Birchbox February 8
I’ve used everything except the Supergoop Eye Cream so far. I love the lemony scent of the hello body cream and keep it on my desk at work…it’s almost gone now. The Beauty Protector Detangling spray is actually great on Aubrey’s hair to get the knots out without hurting her.

The Arrow Boost lip balm was a sample I could choose ahead of time…unfortunately, it is rather thick and I’d rather use a balm with color in it. Since this is just a “color enhancing” balm, there is no color too it and I didn’t feel it did much to my lip’s natural color (maybe because I was expecting something a bit more noticeable).

Birchbox February 7


To learn more or sign up for Birchbox, head to the Birchbox website!


Losing Weight with Netflix

Weight loss and fitness aren’t things you see too much on here, but that’s because I have been struggling for a few years to reach my goals. Two babies, a full-time job, and a full-time home business don’t make it easy and I have become very fearful of putting myself out there and then failing. Even I get annoyed seeing others on my Facebook feed be so gung-ho about something, posting every hour, and then dropping off the face of the Earth within a week, all just to repeat it a month later. I am always happy that they are so passionate about something, but I would feel embarrassed if I did the same thing.

But I finally feel comfortable sharing what I’ve been up to. I have lost about 8 pounds in the last month and half or so. I was supposed to run the RunDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon last year, but deferred my registration to this year since I failed at training for it last year. I will definitely be running this year, and I got my official confirmation last month, so it’s time to get serious. So since I have a million things to do when I get home from work, and I’d rather spend time with my kids before they go to sleep, I have been waking up early to work out. 5am is tough…especially after going to sleep at 10 or 11pm, let alone pounding out a great run when you really just want to lay back down and sleep for another 10 hours.

I have to be motivated to get on the treadmill and stay on the treadmill at 5am, as well as lift weights after. Music definitely gets me pumping, and definitely does the trick when I’m lifting weights, but my goodness, the treadmill can get boring with nothing to look at! Netflix to the rescue!



I started out with Scandal, and while it was good and intriguing, it didn’t pull me in…it stood out as more of a “get comfy on the couch with some snacks and a drink and prepare for some juicy drama” type of show. I’ll be saving that one for non-workout times. I wanted a show that had action and made me want to keep watching a few minutes more, or to make me excited to get on the treadmill so I could watch more. Since I’m a late-adopter when it comes to awesome shows (I guess I need to hear the rave reviews first), I started Sons of Anarchy…and LOVE IT!



It has definitely kept me on the treadmill a little longer at times, and it keeps me entertained and intrigued the entire time. Just today I stayed on an extra 4 minutes to watch the rest of a scene. 4 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up.

treadmill Collage

The left is interval light jogging/walking (wogging? jalking?) and the right is a slower day, with more focus on incline walking. I try to ant least do 2 miles, but like mixing it up.

Luckily, there are 7 seasons and they are all available to stream, so I am set for a while! If I’m in the mood for humor, I also turn on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I’m about halfway through the 2nd season that was just released. Titus gives me life!

So thank you, Netflix, for keeping me entertained on the treadmill so I can reach my fitness goals one day at a time. :)


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This post was written by me as part of my membership in the Netflix Stream Team. Thanks for reading!