Current Netflix Watch List

Usually when I tell people that I’m an accountant, they automatically assume I do taxes and that I’m really busy in April when taxes are due. Blech…I don’t do taxes. I don’t like taxes. In fact, April is pretty chill at my job. July/August, on the other hand? Let me just say, I’m working on a potentially harmful mixture of 2 coffees, a 5 hour energy, 2 sodas and sweet tea several days in a row. My alarm has gone off earlier than ever. It is cray-zay up in here.

Even with all the craziness, I still make time to sit and eat dinner with my family and watch a show on Netflix without being distracted.

Since there is absolutely nothing on tv in the summer anyway, we took the opportunity to search around for a new series to watch on Netflix. We came across the series “Limitless” which is a continuation of Bradley Cooper’s movie of the same name. Bradley Cooper even makes an appearance every few episodes (definitely a bonus). It’s a crime/drama series with a good amount of humor mixed in.


(From Wikipedia)

Brian Finch, a 28-year-old burnout and struggling musician, is introduced to NZT-48, a miracle drug that gives him access to every neuron in his brain. For twelve hours after taking the pill, he becomes the smartest person in the world, able to perfectly recall every detail of his life and capable of prodigious leaps of intuition and reasoning. With the mysterious U.S. Senator Eddie Morra (Cooper) providing him with an immunity shot to counteract NZT’s deadly side effects, Brian uses his enhanced abilities to help FBI agent Rebecca Harris. The problem is the FBI doesn’t know about the shot and Brian has to keep both worlds separate.


I thought there were a few seasons, but unfortunately, it was just cancelled in April after 1 season, so you can only see it on Netflix haha…oops.


Trent has been watching Pokemon Go (and yes, playing the app with Brett) and Hot Wheels. He and Aubrey also asked to put Puffin Rock on and they both really liked that. It’s a super cute Netflix original series and season 2 will be out next month!

puffin rock


Another series coming next month that we’re really excited about is “Ask the Storybots.”



Both kids really like the Storybots app so we think they will like the show too. I wonder if we’ll make an appearance?



stream team

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kikki.K Planner Photo Review

While doing a little cleaning on my laptop, I came across some photos I took of my kikki.K planner when I first got it earlier this year. I had been using an Erin Condren, which I still love, but I wanted to try a ringed planner since I wanted to have different sections for certain aspects of my life. The EC had everything all in one spot, but I just felt unorganized still. This particular style and color was 50% off, and since it’s one of my favorite colors, I had to snag it!

kikki-k planner review 1


I love the box it came in. Apparently every style of planner has it’s own unique box.

kikki-k planner review 2


So pretty and ready for amazing plans for the year!

kikki-k planner review 4


It came with two little notepads on the inside cover. I replaced these with one bigger notepad with Tsum Tsums on it. :)

kikki-k planner review 9


It has 7 dividers labeled with the type of paper in each section. I replaced these with glittery stickers I made to both make it prettier and have labels that better suited me.

kikki-k planner review 5


I kept the Monthly and Weekly sections as is, but switched out the other sections for other things…regardless, here is what came with the planner.


kikki-k planner review 7


Weekly with a one week on two pages layout.

kikki-k planner review 8



kikki-k planner review 10


Birthdays and Anniversaries

kikki-k planner review 11


Shops & Restaurants

kikki-k planner review 12


To do sections, with each column perforated to tear out as used.

kikki-k planner review 14


Expense Tracker

kikki-k planner review 15


And finally, a large notepad on the back cover.

kikki-k planner review 6


I’ve used this planner the longest out of any planner recently. I can move the sections around and add to it and it has really helped me get the different aspects of my life better organized. The only downside is that it is shipped internationally and didn’t come with the best tracking, but it still arrived fairly quickly.

Here are some of the items I also purchased to go along with it: 6 hole punch, filler lined paper, extra monthly calendar, extra weekly calendar, and a zip pouch to hold stickers.

And of course I decorate it with stickers from my shop and fun planner goodies from other Etsy shops, which I’ll definitely be sharing more of in the future!

Kikki.k review


This is not a sponsored review. I paid for this planner and wanted to share. Thanks for reading!


May Beauty Box Reviews

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! On Saturday, we had dinner with family and Brett put on our own mini fireworks show.



Then, Brett was in WDW Sunday and Monday for the Fourth of July fireworks, so it was me and the kiddos at home this weekend. We (I) survived and it was fun coming up with activities for us, like setting up a spot on the floor with a bunch of pillows and blankets to enjoy popcorn and a movie (Trent picked Cars)!


In May, I got 4 different Beauty Subscription boxes in the mail…Sephora Play!, Birchbox, Ipsy, and Target Beauty Box. Here’s just a little photo review of what came in each box:)


Sephora Play!

I’ll start with a brand-new-to-me box. At first, this subscription was by invite only, so I had to sign up to be on the waitlist for when it opened up to more people. It took a few weeks for a spot to open up and I was excited I didn’t have to wait long. All the items came in a cute pouch.

Sephora Play Box 1


There were 8 separate samples from 6 brands.

Sephora Play Box 2


I received the Briogeo Deep Conditioning Hair Mask from two different boxes lately…but luckily, I had already used my first one up so I wasn’t sad to get it again.

I have a thing for anything miniature, and this little mini lipstick is just the cutest. The color is a little too on the bright/neon side for me, but still cute.

Sephora Play Box 3


Each Sephora Play! box comes with a Play! Pass to bring into your local Sephora store for extra points on your in-store purchase.

Sephora Play Box 4


It also came with an extensive sheet detailing the items in the box.

Sephora Play Box 5


Target Beauty Box

Target Beauty Box May 1


Seriously? How was I able to grab two of these boxes in a row when they’ve always been sold out whenever I finally get to seeing them? This box came with 9 samples, including 1 full-size product and several large-trial size products. With free shipping and my 5% Red Card discount, I think this box is such a great deal!

Target Beauty Box May 2 Target Beauty Box May 3


I’ve used the Clairol Hair Food Dry Shampoo so far…while I’m not completely sold on the results of any dry shampoo yet (I guess my hair is just too greasy? lol) I did like the scent and it went on evenly without white residue.

Target Beauty Box 4 Target Beauty Box



Birchbox May 1


This month’s box came with 6 samples.

Birchbox May 2


I’ve used the Clean Blossom Parfum and the Love Shampoo and Conditioner. Both, coincidentally, have an almost “soapy” scent. The Shampoo came in the cutest little bottle that allowed for at least 6 uses. I love samples that can be used more than once! I also used the ModelCo Lip Lacquer a few times and love the glossy nude color.

Birchbox May 3 Birchbox May 5 Birchbox May 7



Ipsy May 1


Last, but not least, is Ipsy. I like the pouch it came in, although I did see others on Instagram that received it in pink…I would have loved that color! This month’s bag came with 4 samples and a brush.

Ipsy May 2 Ipsy May 4

I hope you enjoyed these photos!

Ipsy May 5


PicMonkey Collage


The Netflix Sneak

This month, Netflix shared a funny graphic showing what they call the “Netflix Sneak.”

The Netflix Sneak

It is so true for us parents and I just had to laugh when I saw it. Basically, in order to watch anything that isn’t a cartoon, us desperate parents often resort to finding unusual places to enjoy our favorite shows. Gone are the days when we make a big bowl of popcorn all for ourselves and get all comfy and cozy on the couch for an hours-long “binge-session.” For some of you, it’s more like a “grab the iPad while no one is looking and sneak off to another room until the other parent asks what you’re doing.”

So maybe you aren’t able to fully “sneak” away sometimes. Maybe you can give your family or significant other a little “hint” that you are having some alone time with your Netflix and you don’t want to be bothered. This door sign works perfectly!

Netflix Sneak 2


I found it as a printable on Etsy. :)




Just print it on cardstock, cut it out, and then put it on the door to not so subtly tell everyone “DO NOT DISTURB.”

Netflix Sneak 1


Although, some littles might be more inquisitive than you suspected…

Netflix Sneak Collage


Here are some new programs to enjoy during your Netflix Sneak!

netflix new 2

netflix new 1

So tell me…where’s the craziest/silliest/most genius place you’ve done the Netflix Sneak??


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Trent’s Angry Birds 4th Birthday Party

I can’t believe Trent is 4!



We were pretty surprised at how quickly we came up with this year’s theme of Angry Birds compared to prior years. We had several ideas, but since he just saw the Angry Birds movie and Brett had an idea for an outdoor game that went great with the theme, our decision was pretty easy. Since we were going to be headed to Disney World the very next day after his party, we wanted to keep it simple but fun. What would kids like at a party when it’s Florida and super hot out? A BOUNCE HOUSE/WATER SLIDE COMBO!



It was bigger than I thought it would be based on the photo – this should help you see the size.

13416839_10209931484032016_3686336372958560845_o 13433194_10209931484112018_8299129767426445920_o


Brett stumbled upon an inflatables company on Facebook that had this “toddler-appropriate” slide for a reasonable price and would deliver/set-up at our location. Trent loved the bounce house at the activities area when we went to see the Blue Angels in Jacksonville, so we thought he would love this one too. I loved how they put down a sturdy tarp around the entire thing…much better than running on grass/dirt with wet feet.

He loved it for a little bit, then freaked himself out by being scared of a bug and heights and then didn’t really want anything to do with it. I did force him on it twice, thinking he would see how fun it was and change his mind…do you think I was successful?



No…no I was not. He wouldn’t let me come near him for a while after I did that. Bad mommy.

At least the other kids enjoyed it.

13403321_10209931482671982_6619641698599070390_o 13433262_10209931482471977_4351127956289440540_o


And Aubrey loved it for a little while too, before the bigger kids took over. I put her down the slide once, and she reacted better than Trent, but she was perfectly fine splashing in the smaller pool we set up next to the bigger one.



A big hit was the catapult Brett built to launch water balloons at the Pig like Angry Birds. He used the Monster Toss from Trent’s 1st birthday and painted a pig over it, then built the catapult with wood and stretchy gym bands. It worked out really well.


For the balloons, we got a couple of HUGE packs of the Bunch o Balloons from Costco….SUCH A GOOD DEAL! If you haven’t seen them yet, these water balloons are so much easier than the old-fashioned ones since the kids fly through water balloons so fast. They are now on Amazon too. I highly recommend them.

Inside, we kept the decorations to a corner in the main room…but it was a very fun corner!



Brett made TNT boxes to hold chips and the favor bags.



My one semi-sorta craft project for this party was the Angry Birds Favor Bags.

angry birds favor bags


I simply bought some blank paper favor bags in a few colors, bought printable Angry Birds faces on Etsy, imported them into Silhouette and cut them on the machine. They were filled with a “favor bag pack” from Amazon and some candy.

Angry Birds Favor Bags collage


And guess what? We forgot to pass them out! We ALWAYS forget!

Some more decorations.

13391431_10209931480511928_3370014914450538424_o 13392177_10209931485352049_2337116416009511199_o


We also took the easy route on the cake this year too…Brett got a pre-made sheet cake from Publix and then used Nutty Bars to build up a set from the Angry Birds Game and used skewers to make the Angry Birds “fly” at the cake. So easy and fun!

13392222_10209931480071917_5094307288850982207_o 13403926_10209931479751909_3594142491609905891_o 13443181_10209931480271922_9185294403119336442_o

13422193_10209931481711958_4702966010826582322_o 13433369_10209931481951964_1870032005024520466_o 13412219_10209931480671932_7486660664764625885_o


Here’s a link to many of the Angry Birds Party Supplies we used. :)




Happy 4th birthday, Trent! We love you!