Losing Weight with Netflix

Weight loss and fitness aren’t things you see too much on here, but that’s because I have been struggling for a few years to reach my goals. Two babies, a full-time job, and a full-time home business don’t make it easy and I have become very fearful of putting myself out there and then failing. Even I get annoyed seeing others on my Facebook feed be so gung-ho about something, posting every hour, and then dropping off the face of the Earth within a week, all just to repeat it a month later. I am always happy that they are so passionate about something, but I would feel embarrassed if I did the same thing.

But I finally feel comfortable sharing what I’ve been up to. I have lost about 8 pounds in the last month and half or so. I was supposed to run the RunDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon last year, but deferred my registration to this year since I failed at training for it last year. I will definitely be running this year, and I got my official confirmation last month, so it’s time to get serious. So since I have a million things to do when I get home from work, and I’d rather spend time with my kids before they go to sleep, I have been waking up early to work out. 5am is tough…especially after going to sleep at 10 or 11pm, let alone pounding out a great run when you really just want to lay back down and sleep for another 10 hours.

I have to be motivated to get on the treadmill and stay on the treadmill at 5am, as well as lift weights after. Music definitely gets me pumping, and definitely does the trick when I’m lifting weights, but my goodness, the treadmill can get boring with nothing to look at! Netflix to the rescue!



I started out with Scandal, and while it was good and intriguing, it didn’t pull me in…it stood out as more of a “get comfy on the couch with some snacks and a drink and prepare for some juicy drama” type of show. I’ll be saving that one for non-workout times. I wanted a show that had action and made me want to keep watching a few minutes more, or to make me excited to get on the treadmill so I could watch more. Since I’m a late-adopter when it comes to awesome shows (I guess I need to hear the rave reviews first), I started Sons of Anarchy…and LOVE IT!



It has definitely kept me on the treadmill a little longer at times, and it keeps me entertained and intrigued the entire time. Just today I stayed on an extra 4 minutes to watch the rest of a scene. 4 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up.

treadmill Collage

The left is interval light jogging/walking (wogging? jalking?) and the right is a slower day, with more focus on incline walking. I try to ant least do 2 miles, but like mixing it up.

Luckily, there are 7 seasons and they are all available to stream, so I am set for a while! If I’m in the mood for humor, I also turn on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I’m about halfway through the 2nd season that was just released. Titus gives me life!

So thank you, Netflix, for keeping me entertained on the treadmill so I can reach my fitness goals one day at a time. :)


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IPSY Bag: February 2016

I know I’m a little late, seeing as I am posting about my February IPSY Bag in April, but I completely forgot I had these photos ready and then didn’t want them to go to waste, so I figured I’d still share the goodies I received!

This was my first IPSY bag and I have gotten 3 so far…and every time it comes in the mail, it’s in this pretty, shiny pink bubble mailer that Aubrey just goes crazy for! She is such a little girly girl and already loves playing with mommy’s makeup (but not actually putting it on), hair brushes, shoes, clothes, you name it.

ipsy Collage


Aubrey loved this little bag everything came in, and honestly, it was my favorite part too! Every IPSY shipment comes with/in a new, unique bag, so that’s half the fun!

Ipsy 1


Here is everything that came in the February IPSY bag.

Ipsy 4


I’ve only used 3 of the 5 products so far…the Bio-Oil, nail polish and blush. I have heard amazing things about Bio-Oil and was excited to see such a large bottle in the package. It is great for scar-healing, so I’ve been putting it on a scar Trent has on his eyebrow (running in slippery footed pagamas on a wooden floor never ends well…and on Christmas, of course!). I think it’s been working great so far, so I also started using it on my nails to both moisturize the dry cuticles, but to also heal the damage I’ve done from biting my entire life.

Ipsy 3


I am pretty happy with my first IPSY bag…especially with the bag itself <3

Ipsy 2


An IPSY subscription is just $10 a month, and you can get a discount by signing up for a full year up front (which I did – I think it was 1 free month). Click here to check it out.


Magical Bath Moments with The First Years Disney Friends

It’s funny how kids go through phases. Well, I guess we all go through phases throughout our lives, but phase-changes in children just seem so dramatic and quick. One week, all they want to eat is strawberries. The next week, strawberries are gross and can’t be within 10 feet of one.

Trent used to love taking baths. Now it’s like pulling teeth to get him in there. I guess that’s boys for ya, right? Aubrey, on the other hand, loves baths. She also likes them without Trent (she gets all the toys to herself!), so I guess it works out best for them. I’m waiting for the one day that she will no longer want a bath…but until then, I know one thing that gets them both excited to take a bath…NEW BATH TOYS!

In this case, it’s even better because we have new DISNEY bath toys!

Nemo Bath toys 1


TOMY sent us several The First Years Disney Bath Toys, which are available on Amazon (Hello, free PRIME shipping!) and the kids were so excited, I could barely get them out of the packages before they were asking to play with them in the bath.

Nemo Bath toys 5


The First Years Disney Bath Toys are available featuring several different characters, including Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. It was a tough choice, since we love all of those characters, but we chose Finding Nemo since we are super excited for Finding Dory to come out in June!

Nemo Bath toys 4


Aubrey had a blast playing with the Nemo Squirt Toys and the Nest and Pour Cups. You guys should hear her say “Nemo” “Fish” “Dorwee” or basically anything because it’s just so darn cute.

Nemo Bath toys 3


Other The First Years Disney items aren’t toys, but lend to the overall fun theme of the bathroom, like the Finding Nemo Drain Cover, Mickey’s Helping Hands Bath Accessory, to hold wash cloths and hanging toys…

Nemo Bath toys 2


…and the Finding Nemo Spout Cover to protect those fragile noggins.

Nemo Bath toys 6


And with summer almost upon us, these toys would also be great in the pool!

nemo bath toys 7


You can get any of The First Years Disney Bath Toys on Amazon!


LEGO Fun with Netflix and a Snack

Legos. They make kids happy, and then like to get stepped on by unsuspecting parents trying to walk through the living room without shoes on. They’ve come a long way since 1949 and now come in so many varieties and sets. What I love is that not only are different sets made for varying age ranges and interests, but they are the perfect way to have family play time. Sometimes Trent likes playing with his growing collection of Legos and running over to show us what he created, but other times he also asks one of us to make stuff with him…especially with predesigned sets.

But why stop at just toys? Kids can now watch fun Logo-inspired shows on Netflix, with the premiere of LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship and LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One!



Of course, there are matching sets to go with the shows!

Netflix Lego 9


We turned on Netflix to enjoy their many LEGO shows while also putting together the Lego sets. It was also the perfect time to make a Lego-inspired snack to enjoy with our show and toys!

Netflix Lego 4


These Lego cheese crackers are easy to make and the kids loved them!

Netflix Lego Cheese & crackers


Just take a thick slice of cheese (we used cheddar) and use a straw to cut circles out of the cheese. Brett even put a skewer inside the straw to easily poke out each cheese circle after cutting it.

Netflix Lego 1


Then spray 8 dots of squeeze-cheese onto a Club cracker, and put the cheese circles on top, making it look like a Lego piece!

Netflix Lego 2



Netflix Lego 3

Netflix Lego 5

Netflix Lego 6


It looks like Aubrey preferred to lick the cheese off of the cracker and leave the cracker behind…

Netflix Lego 7 Netflix Lego 8


There are plenty of ideas out there to turn your Lego activity time up a notch, including some from my previous Lego Party post, but be sure to include Netflix LEGO shows as your entertainment!


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Etsy Spotlight: SteffyDotsKnits

I love Etsy so much! I especially love when Etsy recommends a shop to me that they think I might like, and they are actually right. This shop showed up in my “Recommended for you” section and I immediately checked it out and fell in love!

SteffyDotsKnits is a shop specializing in handmade knits and crocheted accessories and is full of Disney items. I had a hard time deciding what to get, and actually even placed two orders because I just had to add more to my first order. The shop owner combined my orders and refunded my extra shipping charge…super sweet. :)

All in all, I got 3 cozies and 1 hat.

Steffydotsknits 1


I have absolutely no need for coffee cozies, since I use a handled mug on a daily basis, but I NEEDED these lol. And since I just bought a non-handled Disney Starbucks mug, these will actually come in handy.

Steffydotsknits 2


I love how simple this Eeyore cozy is, with a cute dangly tail. This should be used on gloomy rainy Mondays.

Steffydotsknits 6


I’m ready for Star Wars day with this Princess Leia cozy…look at those buns!

Steffydotsknits 5


But the cozy that I purchased first because it was just beyond adorable, is the Little Mermaid cozy.

Steffydotsknits 4



Steffydotsknits 3


One of my favorite things to do in Magic Kingdom is get a snack or drink and relax on the new lawns in front of Cinderella Castle. I can enjoy my drink while the kids run around in the open space. They stretch their legs without getting hurt and I relax with the most perfect view (minus the crane).

Steffydotsknits 10 Steffydotsknits 9


I usually don’t wear Mickey ears or hats, but that’s mostly because Florida is usually too hot to wear anything. I wear my Santa Mickey hat in the winter, but I want to start wearing cute ears the rest of the time too and I started with this adorable “Classic” Minnie knitted hat! It comes in several colors, but I stuck with the original.

Steffydotsknits 7


I was worried knitted ears and the flower pot wouldn’t stand upright, but they stayed just perfectly during our most recent 2 day trip. It was somewhat chilly on the first day and night, so it was a perfect time to wear this. Bonus points for not having to do my hair – I could get used to that!

Steffydotsknits 8


For more adorable knitted Disney cuteness, check out SteffyDotsKnits on Etsy!


Follow SteffyDotsKnits on Instagram for specials and new releases :)



This is not a sponsored/paid post. I purchased these items and wanted to shine the spotlight on a fun, wonderful Etsy shop! :)