Disney Dream Bahamas Cruise Trip Report {Day 2}

Welcome to Day 2 of our trip report! To read from Day 1, just click here!

Day 2 started bright and early because we had a very special appointment to get to at the Magic Kingdom…for Trent’s very first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop! I’ll just share one photo here, as I have already done a full review (read it here!). We arrived at MK about 15 minutes before the scheduled opening at 9am, knowing we could get let in early before the crowds…but they opened the gates at the same time we arrived, so we walked in with everyone else. The haircut was definitely an experience, one that if I think about it too long, I may start to cry because it’s just another one of those indications that my sweet baby is becoming a little man.

January Disney Trip-108

And even though we were both sick and stuffy and red, he sure looked handsome with his new ‘do. He even got a My 1st Haircut set of Mickey Ears.

January Disney Trip-110

Brett can’t pass a container of horse poo without taking a photo of it apparently.

January Disney Trip-111

After Trent’s haircut, we caught the Main Street Trolley show as we were walking along.

January Disney Trip-112 January Disney Trip-113

Just look at everyone in their jackets on and hands in their pockets. It was still cold, but definitely not as cold as the night before.

January Disney Trip-114

Our first ride of the day was Pirates of the Caribbean. We always make a left at the Hub if we get there around opening, as most people go right…leaving a bunch of rides for us to just walk on and enjoy without a wait.

January Disney Trip-115

Trent’s gone on this ride several times, including once at 10 months old. There is a drop in the dark a few minutes in, not Splash Mountain drop level, but enough to make you hold on a bit, and during his first few rides, Trent didn’t seem bothered by it. But as the months pass by, he holds onto me a little tighter each time we ride. I hope this doesn’t mean he is becoming scared, but rather just cautious of what is happening. After all, Daddy needs someone to ride Tower of Terror with him eventually!

January Disney Trip-116 January Disney Trip-117 January Disney Trip-118 January Disney Trip-119 January Disney Trip-120

As much as I love how Trent is becoming a little independent man, that also means he does not want to be in the stroller…he wants to walk everywhere himself. And while that slows us down or forces us to deal with an outburst when we pick him up, it also provides moments like this…

January Disney Trip-121 January Disney Trip-122

I thought it would be funny to try some shooting, but Trent didn’t care for touching the rifle, so Daddy took over and shot a bunch of stuff nearby so Trent could see.

January Disney Trip-123

Then, we finally were able to capture an “after” photo of one of our maternity photos! We had tried during Trent’s first trip (I think) but he started to fall off the chair and I apparently suck at taking photos with Brett’s camera, so it didn’t work out. But this one turned out great!

January Disney Trip-124

Here is the maternity picture that is the “before” photo.

Disney Maternity-22

Then, we started to head towards Fantasyland.

January Disney Trip-125

Do you know what this brown walkway signifies? If you did, you would probably pick on us for walking on it! Eww!

January Disney Trip-126

For those that have never seen or used them, Disney added a bunch of charging stations by the Tangled bathroom area. It’s nice to be able to give your phone a little boost if you need it (but we have started using an external battery anyway).

January Disney Trip-127 January Disney Trip-128

Up next, a failed attempt at a nice photo (there were puddles on the ground that he wanted to play in).

January Disney Trip-129

Time for Peter Pan’s Flight! Which we will only do with a FastPass+!

January Disney Trip-130

Outside of Peter Pan after the ride, a Cast Member was out making bubbles and Trent immediately started playing. It was basically just them two playing with bubbles. I just love Disney like that…a million people around and this cast member is playing bubbles with Trent. Sometimes you just need to slow down and not go a hundred miles an hour from ride to ride and take in all the extras. He was a happy boy.

January Disney Trip-131 January Disney Trip-132 January Disney Trip-133

Better luck with the sword next time, Trent.

January Disney Trip-134

Next, we rode the carousel and Trent enjoyed being on his own horse.

January Disney Trip-135 January Disney Trip-136

He would not look at the camera, he just wanted to look all around at everything going on.

January Disney Trip-137

After the carousel ride, it was time for our FastPass at Be Our Guest for Lunch. You can read my full review with lots more photos here, but I will share the next couple of photos to show you how magnificent the inside looks.

January Disney Trip-140 January Disney Trip-147 January Disney Trip-150

After lunch, Trent fell asleep, so we slowly made our way out of Magic Kingdom and back to the hotel for a nap and to relax a bit. We both got a chicken caesar salad from the Contempo Cafe as a snack since our dinner wasn’t until late that night. I don’t typically order just a salad, but we both agreed that these salads were pretty good!


After Trent woke up, we headed to Animal Kingdom.

Our first stop was Dinoland USA, an area of the park that never really held my interest for very long until I had Trent with us. He likes the Triceratop Spin.

Shenanigans while waiting line.

January Disney Trip-151 January Disney Trip-152

I look like I’m having more fun than him in this next photo.

January Disney Trip-153

This is what he does when he doesn’t want to hold your hand…he basically makes it very difficult.

January Disney Trip-154

Uh oh! Baby in the front seat!

January Disney Trip-155 January Disney Trip-156 January Disney Trip-157 January Disney Trip-158

Trent had a blast in the Boneyard Playground area. Most of the area is meant for kids a little bit older, but off to the right side after you enter, there is a little open area with 3 slides, making it easy for them to climb up either on their own or with a parent.

January Disney Trip-159 January Disney Trip-160 January Disney Trip-161

Up and down. Up and down. Over and over again. I guess the tongue means he’s excited. 🙂

January Disney Trip-162 January Disney Trip-163

Me: “Trent, what’s that? What does he say?”

Trent: “Rrroooaaaarrrghhh!”

January Disney Trip-164 January Disney Trip-165

Trent made some new friends. The friendship quickly ended when Trent wouldn’t give them any of his snack.

January Disney Trip-166

Animal Kingdom recently started staying open later in the evening, most likely to prep for all the changes about to occur there. All of the animal attractions are closed around 5 though, so that cuts out a few attractions, but it really is a fun place to take photos of at night…in fact, we ran into some other Disney photographers we know online and had never met before!

January Disney Trip-167 January Disney Trip-168 January Disney Trip-169 January Disney Trip-170 January Disney Trip-171 January Disney Trip-172

Trent and I rode Triceratop Spin again while Brett took some more photos.

January Disney Trip-173 January Disney Trip-174 January Disney Trip-175 January Disney Trip-176

Animal Kingdom was quite empty by the time we strolled out of the park. It was a nice relaxing end the evening and we were so thankful it wasn’t nearly as cold as the night before. We headed to the hotel and then jumped on the monorail over to the Polynesian for our dinner at ‘Ohana…which is always delicious.

We oh so conveniently jumped back on the monorail back to the Contemporary, packed up some items in order to have a little less to do in the morning, and then called it a night!

I hope you enjoyed Day 2 of our January trip report!

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