Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Cruise Day 6

This trip report is from our Royal Caribbean Western Caribbean cruise onboard the Freedom of the Seas. If you’re just joining us, start from Day 1 by clicking here: Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Cruise Day 1.


Our last port day was in Cozumel, Mexico.

We didn’t have a plan at all today. We did not want to book an excursion where we had to take the long ferry to the mainland and we didn’t want to book time at one of those all-inclusive beaches (we felt that lounging on the ship for free would be a better option than that).

Having seen people on waverunners in Labadee, we decided we wanted to rent some waverunners. At all the other ports, there were plenty of locals waiting at the port with signs trying to get you to go on their excursions. We decided 1) we would look if any people at the port were offering waverunners or 2) we would ask RCI staff what their recommendation is. The crew member at Guest Services recommended Playa Mia…an all-inclusive beach. We were disappointed to have to go to a generic crowded all-inclusive beach, but we would do it if it meant we would ride waverunners. After breakfast in the Windjammer, we left the ship and started walking to the taxi line.

No one at the port was offering waverunners…go figure. There were plenty of these though.

I was tempted to buy one just to see Brett in it, but he told me no. 🙁

When we were in the taxi line, a Royal Caribbean port expert was waiting in line in front of us and his recommendation was for Playa Mia as well. We decided to take our chances at Playa Mia.

We took a $15 taxi ride ($20 w/tip) to Playa Mia and payed for the minimum $16 entry per person. It wasn’t until after we payed and started walking in did we see a sign that said “We do not have waverunners at this time”. They even had waverunners pictured in their brochure that they just handed us when we paid…WTF!

We decided since we already paid to get there, we would try to make the best of it, but we were both already pretty irate. Royal Caribbean must have some sort of contract to recommend them, in which case, they should really be up to date with their offerings. I had read on Cruise Critic about the beaches and some of their offerings, but since I didn’t think we would end up on the beach, I couldn’t remember any specifics.

I got us an umbrella for some shade, which was a $12 deposit and they return $6 when you return the ticket they give you along with the umbrella. We then went to use one of the paddleboats. We had to stand in line to sign a waiver, then we were only allowed within the small roped-off section of the water, but couldn’t go near the other water toys that occupied the same area, so we were very limited in where we could paddle. They also only give you 15 minutes each time.

It was very disappointing to view people on waverunners in the distance. I wonder where they got their recommendations from. Certainly not from the same people that gave us ours.

After about 2 minutes, we had had enough of the paddleboats and we decided we would leave. It was a difficult decision, since we just spent all that money, but we were miserable. After another $20 taxi back to the ship made this a wasted $78 trip. Seriously, a big fat waste of time.

Later at dinner, we found out that our other 2 groups of tablemates went to 2 different beaches and they loved just lounging on those beaches. Next time, we will be sure to book an actual excursion, as I’m sure we would have had much more fun.

So, we immediately got back on the ship and basically had the ship to ourselves. It was wonderful! We played mini golf, ate lunch, and hung out by the pool. We should have just stayed on the ship!

Obligatory feet vacation photo

Hot tub!

Mini golf ALL to ourselves

Pfft…he cheated

Mid-afternoon cupcake snacks from the Cupcake Cupboard. The cupcakes are an additional charge, but they do offer a punch card so you have the opportunity to earn free cupcakes.

The Cupcake Cupboard

Brett then went around to take pictures of the ship. So so purdy.


Royal Promenade

Drinky drinky

More drinky drinky

Sorrento’s – Nightly stop for pizza

For tonight’s appetizer, I got the Caprese salad and Brett got a regular house salad (sorry – no photos). For dinner, stuffed shrimp for Brett and baked eggplant for me.

Brett’s Dinner

Lynn’s Dinner – This was my favorite dinner of the trip 

For dessert, I got the chocolate cake and Brett got the strawberry spongecake.

Brett’s Dessert

Lynn’s Dessert

Each night, our dinner would last until right around the sunset. Since this was the earliest we were done, we decided to rush up to the top decks to catch the sunset.

Someone’s following us!

My man in action

Later, we went to Studio B for the 80’s Dance Party.

Flash mob

We just watched, but we were really just there to wait for the Quest game show that was coming up next!

I had read that the Quest is a must-do…and it definitely was! You get sectioned into teams based on where you’re sitting and each team has a male and female captain. It’s basically a scavenger hunt, where the host, Graham, would call out items that the team captain would have to bring to him and each team gets points depending on how fast they bring the item to him.

It started out tame, but then got crazy! We were a few rows back, but I threw a few things down to our captains, even my bra when he requested 6 bras from each team. I do what I can. #proudhusband

Our team didn’t win, but watching all the male captains walk around in girl attire was well worth it.


Next up: Our last full day on the ship – at sea!


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  • Heather
    Feb 1, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    Thank you for sharing this! WE are going on this cruise in April (then Disney)…..Traveling with 4 kids and 4 adults we need all the pointers we can get.
    Looking forward to reading your last day!!

    • Lynn Svenson
      Feb 1, 2013 at 5:44 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. We will be in Disney in April too! How fun!

  • Jennifer
    Jun 20, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing your vacation. I am taking my son at christmas 2014. I just booked.
    Freedom of the seas. Can’t wait. Went on Disney Dream twice.

    • Lynn Svenson
      Jun 20, 2014 at 10:52 pm

      We recently went on the Dream and (shhh don’t tell anyone) we liked Freedom of the Seas so much more! Have fun!