Reverie Sweet Slumber Pillow Review

Don’t you always feel like the pillows at hotels are so much better than the ones you have at home? Well, we feel that way with the pillows at Disney. It’s either that or we are so dead-tired at Disney that anything feels comfortable…some people don’t even need a pillow.

Trent Sleeping Disney

Nonetheless, we have constantly been on a search for good pillows. The folks at Reverie must have known this, because they recently asked if I would like to experience their Sweet Slumber Pillow. Umm, yes please!


A little about the Sweet Slumber Pillow:

  • Contains shredded natural Latex
  • Hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant
  • 100% cotton quilted, removable cover is machine washable

Of course, Brett was jealous that I would get to try a new pillow…especially since he has been on the hunt for pillow replacements longer than I have.

When it came in the mail, the box was heavy…this was no lightweight pillow! Because it is filled shredded latex, it is much heavier than your average pillow. But perhaps this was what we needed. It is thick enough that I was able to replace my two pillows with just this one.

Sweet Slumber Pillow 2

I liked how it lifted my head up to just the right height without having to use two pillows. I slept just fine, but would have liked for it to be a king-sized pillow, as I had to move it back and forth every time I rolled over (which is a lot for this pregnant gal).

I let Brett try it the next night. He thought it was a good mix of firmness and fluffiness.

Sweet Slumber Pillow

Overall, the Sweet Slumber Pillow was much better than many we have tried. This pillow would last much longer than regular pillows that fall flat within a couple of months. Pillow preferences vary so greatly from one person to the next, so keep that in mind. Since it is filled with shredded latex, you’ll want to skip this if you have a latex allergy. This pillow would be great for someone that wants a fairly firm pillow, that holds your head a few inches off the mattress, and offers extras such as hypo-allergenic and dust-mite resistant.


Buy (in Queen or King size):


I received this product for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!


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