pv.Body is Now Ellie – and a 20% Discount

Remember when I posted about the new monthly workout outfit subscription service called pv.Body? I got a fantastic workout outfit shipped directly to my door. As a quick follow-up, I LOVE the shirt I got. It’s extremely comfortable and fits so nicely that I wear it around the house, even sometimes when I’m not working out! I especially love how stretchy the fabric is because it makes it so convenient to breastfeed.

Well, after a few months of success, the folks at pv.Body have changed gears a little and now make their own line of workout gear called Ellie.


What does this mean for those people with pv.Body subscriptions? Your subscription will still continue as part of the Fit Fashionista Club, but the best part now is that you can pick the 2 items you want each month! Unlike with pv.Body, where you got 2 random pieces based on your style profile, with Ellie you go to the website and pick out the 2 items you want for the same monthly subscription price of $49.95.

If you happen to be indecisive, don’t worry. If you don’t pick out the 2 items you want by the 10th day of the month, Ellie will send you 2 items that they’ve chosen for you.

Even better, Ellie will offer 24 new pieces to choose from each month!

The only downside I can see some people may have with the switch is that they won’t have other name brands sent to them, like Lululemon or Nike. But honestly, you never knew what you were going to get each month anyway…at least with Ellie you have a choice, which gets rid of the risk that you won’t like what you’ve been sent. I can see how people might think this was some sort of bait-and-switch to lure customers in and then give them a different brand. For those people, you can always cancel your subscription at any time. New people might like the new options and having more control of the items they pay for. And if you still don’t like something, they still offer free returns.

Also, Ellie/pv.Body is a fairly new company, so they are still working out the kinks in their plan. Based on other reviews I’ve seen, they have been pretty slow and confusing in their responsiveness to customers. They are extremely excited in their Facebook and promotion emails, so hopefully their customer care emails and responses will follow suit. Given this big change, I am certain they are getting plenty of feedback, comments, complaints, questions and so on, which I would think will die down soon enough.

Now onto the good stuff…what I CHOSE this month!

For the top I chose The Vixen Racerback. It’s part sports bra and part loose, flowy shirt.

Outfit Detail-1

Outfit Detail

I don’t like sleeves, especially while working out, but I also wanted the flowy feel of a t-shirt, especially since I’m currently not in the best shape and didn’t want anything too tight. It is also long enough that I don’t have to constantly pull it down. However, it is a little more open on the sides than I thought it would be, and because of the mesh fabric, the sides start to pull down and it just looks sloppy. I really just think the cut is wrong. If they would have added a few more inches to the side, I would have loved this shirt. But in my opinion, the execution of it fell short of the idea. Plus the white mesh is sorta see-through, which I’m not too fond of. I guess I’ll be restricting the use of this shirt to inside the house.

For my bottoms, I chose the Kiss Me Capris. They are black form-fitting capris with a pink waistband with mesh overlay. They are pretty comfortable and great for transitioning into the Spring. The only thing I don’t like is how high the waist is…I feel like a granny unless I pull it down a bit. Mine are higher than in the photos below, and I’m almost 5’8″, so it’s not like I’m too short for them.

Outfit Detail-2

Outfit Detail-3
Now, in regards to the March collection. Ellie says that they will offer 24 new pieces each month. Well, perhaps they didn’t plan far enough ahead, but they just released their March collection and there are only 12 pieces. In addition, the March collection is called “Little Black Collection” – everything is black. Even though I like black and it takes up a good portion of my closet, I was kind of hoping for a little more variety. Luckily, they are still offering their February collection for you to choose from.

If you’d like to give Ellie a try, click the link below to get 20% off your first month!

20% Discount from Ellie. Look good and feel great!


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