6 Months

Happy Half a Year!


Six whole months ago, THIS and THIS happened, and our lives will never be the same. Each smile, each laugh, and each frowny face makes our hearts overflow with happiness. Some days are more tiring than others, but they aren’t lying when they say that things get better every day. Every month is my favorite and the more Trent interacts with us, the better. He’s growing faster than we can keep up with…seriously, he fits into 9 month clothes now…we got ourselves a biggins.


I’ve always been very mindful of how fleeting this time really is. There’s plenty of times when I am playing, laughing, and cuddling with Trent and I think to myself “Cherish this time….remember it.” Sometimes I think it’s a fault of mine that I do that, because then I get a little sad at how quick this journey called life flies by. But in light of recent events in our world, I am actually happy that I do this and I’m especially happy that I have this blog that makes me reflect on our lives and the things that occur in it in order to share it with you all.


So thank you. Really. Thank you for allowing me to create a journal of memories so that in addition to saying to myself “Don’t forget this moment” I have a place where I can look to always remember.


Here are 6 things for 6 months:

1) Stats: We’ll know officially on Thursday at his 6 month doctor appointment (more shots…eek!). But based on our non-professional methods (i.e. we stood on a scale with him and then stood on it alone and subtracted to get his weight…real scientific, right?) his weight is about 21 pounds and we’re making our way up our growth chart ruler!

Quick notes: He also likes to practice walking. He sleeps on his tummy more now. He thinks the dog and cat are hilarious (I have no idea why…their lazy butts just lay there all day) and tries to talk to them whenever they are nearby.


2) Trent has 2 little teeth! He likes to chomp on things, anything really, but so far we’ve only had to tell him “no biting” a couple of times. We can’t blame him for not knowing what he’s doing, we just have to help him learn. We are truly fortunate that this whole teething phase has been great so far. We only knew he had teeth from us spotting them (Lynn: 2, Brett: 0 for those keeping score), and not from extreme crankiness and crying. So far the only near fatality was a board book I let him chomp on a little too long.


3) We’ve started solids! Brett whipped up a nice batch of sweet potatoes on Sunday and he had his first taste. Yum-diggity…he ate them up! Om nom noms. We may try banana next week. It’s recommended to only try one food at a time for a few days, just in case they have a reaction you are able to pinpoint which food caused it. Brett got a baby food recipe book as a gift last year and while we’ll start out simple for now, I’m excited for him to create more recipes from it.

Mommy’s personal chef


4) Favorite activities:


Chomping on his feet


Jumping in the Jumperoo

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (that’s my Disney boy! Do Momma proud!)

Being bounced on the bed

Throwing himself backwards (we may need to stop him from doing this if we can ever stop laughing every time)

Playing with his toys – his newest favorite are these colorful wooden block from IKEA


5) We heard a Da-Da! Trent was in the bath tub and I kept repeating “Da-Da” “Ma-Ma” and “Mick-ey” <—wouldn’t that be awesome?! If he says that soon, our Disney-lovin hearts would soar.

Then he repeated it back to me…


I thought, “no way, that was something else.” He rambled some more, but then I tried again and he did it.


I yelled for Brett “You better get in here!” So he ran in and heard it and ran back out to get the video camera. As soon as the video camera turned on, Trent stopped talking and just stared at it. What a butthead. A butthead with stage fright.

He’s been kind of randomly saying it ever since, but it’s definitely part of his babbling vocabulary now.


6) PHOTOSHOOTS! We have a small photoshoot every month and he has photos taken of him pretty much every day all day, but this month we wanted to do a little extra by visiting some places we had been thinking about going to for awhile. Even though poor little Trent was sick and stuffy, which resulted in not as many smiles, he was still such a little trooper. If you haven’t had enough Trent photos already, here are some more of our favorites in addition to the ones scattered throughout this post. Enjoy!

Future firefighter

Too bootylicious for ya


Baby Converse!


Check out all of Trent’s monthly birthday and lots more by clicking HERE: See Trent Grow.


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  • Saralynn
    Dec 20, 2012 at 11:35 am

    Happy 6 months Trent! I love reading all of your updates. Our babies are growing up so fast!

    • Lynn
      Dec 20, 2012 at 8:40 pm

      Thanks! We’ll blink and we’ll be at 1 year!

  • Jessi
    Dec 23, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Stop growing Trent! Stop it!! But I swear he gets cuter (and fatter) every day! hehe 😛