Winter Festival 2012

For the past few years, Brett had to work the same day as the Winter Festival and parade downtown, so we were excited that we could go this year with our little guy in tow! We’re such kids at heart and enjoy things like this so very much, so now that we have a kid to share these experiences with makes us all kinds of giddy (if there is more than one kind).

I was hoping to go a little earlier than we did, but after running a few errands, the day caught up with us and we ended up arriving downtown about an hour before the parade started.

Brett had the fantastic idea to cover Trent’s stroller in Christmas lights, so one of our errands earlier that day was going to Target to pick up some battery operated LED Christmas lights and some glow necklaces to weave through the stroller wheels. We pimped Trent’s ride!

We got so many comments and reactions from people saying that it was such a cool idea and that they were going to do it next year. Please don’t…we like being special haha! It was also funny how many people asked us how we did it, thinking that the light had to plug in somewhere. We just stuck the battery packs in his stroller organizer and you couldn’t even see them.

I, of course, had to wear my Mickey Santa hat. I had forgotten it at the house before the parade and made Brett turn around to go get it. I’m such a Disney nerd.

We knew of a perfect spot that we wanted, but after arriving and seeing the massive crowds everywhere, we scrapped that idea and worried if we’d even find a good spot for Trent to see and for Brett to take photos. As much as I love parades, they alse tend to be a big stressor to me. From the people that decide they want to stand in front of you so you can’t see, to parents that let their kids harass the people in the parade for a 10 cent Tootsie Roll to the people that think it’s ok to put their blankets and chairs down to hold a front spot and then leave. I’m sorry, none of that is ok. Brett is the calm one and has to tell me to not let those things bother me, but it’s difficult for me to ignore rudeness. I could make an entire series about parade politeness, filled with examples from Disney World parade and fireworks viewing, but alas…I shall step off my soapbox and continue on with how much fun we had!

After walking almost the entire parade route looking for a good spot, we actually came across a great spot! We sat on the other side of some newspaper boxes, behind some bushes, so no one could push up from behind and mostly everyone that was in front of the bushes was sitting down.

I am obsessed with Trent’s sock monkey hat. I can’t wait to take some photos of him in it with his sock monkey. He, on the other hand, just wants to nom on it.

The first thing that always starts the parade are the motorcycle police. Trent’s eyes were super wide looking at the bright LED police lights. They do figure eights and circles all the way down the street and are pretty loud. Trent did great the first time, but when they made their way back down in front of us a second time, he let out a little wimper…but quickly got over it.

Some floats…

So I don’t know what it’s like at parades elsewhere, but they aren’t supposed to throw candy here. They do it anyway, but alot of people just try to hand it out, which takes them so much longer and causes kids to flip out and start grabbing, but helps us not get hit in the face. Well, a certain local wings restaurant passed out wings!

This must be the oddest, but most awesome parade giveaway ever. Three boneless buffalo wings in tin foil. There has to be some sort of law or food rule against this, but I enjoyed them anyway…I was hungry!

Trent caught some beads too (well, mommy caught them but Trent was the cutie pie they were throwing them to!).

Trent fell asleep towards the end of the parade.

He slept through a group of motorcycles, sirens and 2 marching bands, but we can’t even whisper around him at home without him waking up. I don’t get it.

He even missed Santa on the firetruck. 🙁

Luckily, Trent’s Nana is a Lieutenant Firefighter and was working that night at the station where Santa….um…stayed the night before returning to the North Pole. So we paid her a visit and Trent got to meet Santa for the first time!

He kept playing with Santa’s beard…it was fluffy.

Then we had some fun around the fire station letting Trent practice being a firefighter….

driving the vehicles…

…hanging out in the back…

…and of course, sliding down the pole!!

I think he’s ready to be a firefighter now!


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