Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, to be honest, the weekend didn’t start out so great. Trent started a cold the day we got home from Disney, which means yours truly got it 2 days later on Friday. So poor Brett has to fight us off once again.

Then, since I “failed” my glucose screening (for gestational diabetes), I had to go back to the lab for the 3 hour glucose test. I actually got the phone call with the first test results on the first day of our trip, so that was a nice start to a vacation {sarcasm}. As soon as we returned, I looked up an appointment and found one for Saturday morning, which I thought would be great not having to take time off of work. I had to fast for 12 hours, which was absolute torture – I wanted to drink water so badly from my sore throat! I woke up and drove to the lab on Saturday morning only to be told they don’t take my test on Saturdays because they aren’t open long enough to do it. Even after asking why their online system let me make an appointment, I was told it was a glitch in the system and didn’t even get a sorry. And they wonder why pregnant women get all “emotional” or why I have high blood pressure…

After that, I laid down for a bit and then it was time to tackle this.


That is the current state of the nursery. Scary, huh? It was so much easier doing Trent’s nursery since his room was completely empty to begin with. This was our office/guest room. First, Brett had to fix up the crawl space behind his studio to store a bunch of stuff from this room…but you know how it goes, you have to make a mess before you can organize it all. But that was definitely a job that should have been done a few months ago, it was so hot up there!

Then, Brett moved the crib out of Trent’s room and put together his new bed!

Trent Bed

We got the Kura bed from IKEA. At first, it starts as the 2 photos up top in the collage below (we even got the green canopy), then in a couple years, you can flip it into a loft bed with play space underneath. I’ll take photos once we get the bedding in there and clean up the mess we made 🙂

Kura Bed IKEA Collages

During all the cleaning/rearranging, Trent found a bunch of plastic Easter eggs and he decided to open every single one of them to look for candy. I felt bad and snuck a piece a candy in one he already opened, which then led to him going back and rechecking all of them. I can’t believe he remembered that from Easter!

Easter Eggs

In addition to Trent’s Easter egg hunt, he also kept busy with his Cars table he got for Christmas. It’s always great to know a gift still gets played with months later 🙂

Cars Table

In other sleep news, we found these at IKEA…they call them Spoka LED Lights. They are wireless children’s night lights…you just tap on the top and it will either change colors or stay one color. We got one for both of them.

SPÖKA_LED_night_light_-_IKEA SPÖKA_LED_night_light_-_IKEA 2

So now, Trent holds Sheepy and the night light at night.


Another IKEA find were these fun stamp markers. If we had an IKEA near us, one of us would need to work there to pay for everything we buy.


Lastly, I wanted to share a photo I shared on Instagram and Facebook…I hope it makes you smile 🙂 I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Dove Chocolate



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