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Sometimes, our kids will say something and me and my husband look at each other and say “Where did they learn that?” It’s never anything bad, yet, but it’s often songs, shapes, funny quotes and other educational things. We’re not ashamed to say that our kids learn quite a bit from watching their iPads…not EVERYTHING!…but a bit and we value both the educational and entertaining benefits of it. And now that we [finally] have an unlimited data plan, they enjoy streaming Netflix when we’re not home…which is way better than them watching that other video service that we shall not name…

With the plethora of shows available on Netflix, not only can they learn the standard educational lessons…you know, shapes numbers, and such…but they can also learn how about certain emotions and how to handle certain situations by watching certain shows. Check out the handy chart from Netflix below to see some examples…I really like how they provide the exact episodes to obtain that “lesson.”


Of course, there’s plenty of new entertainment available for kids too!

Jump into spring with family time on Netflix. Whether you’re in the mood for new series or a Hollywood blockbuster, grab the whole family and make lots of popcorn because you won’t be able to stop at just one.

The Secret Life of Pets (4/22), Happy Feet (5/1), Kazoops! Season 3 (4/28), Spirit: Riding Free (5/5), All Hail King Julien: Exiled (5/12)

Kevin Hart in the Secret Life of Pets…so hilarious!!

Sooo, it’s gonna be super hot in Florida this weekend, so we’ll be staying inside to watch some new movies! Join me!


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