Thanksgiving 2013

I must first start our little quick recap of Thanksgiving with a JibJab video Brett made of us (may take a few seconds to load).

We started the day with breakfast casserole and ended with a delicious meal with family. Trent was absolutely amazing…I am so proud of him…he sat in a booster seat, ate most of his plate of turkey, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and had fun playing with his cousins and the kitty of the house. It surely was a day to be thankful for and I hope your holiday was also spectacular. 🙂

Thanksgiving 2013-1 Thanksgiving 2013-2 Thanksgiving 2013-3 Thanksgiving 2013-4Thanksgiving 2013-5 Thanksgiving 2013-6

Mmmm Brett’s sweet potatoes are always a hit. We had almost none leftover to bring home 🙁

Thanksgiving 2013-7 Thanksgiving 2013-8

My sweet little reluctant model.

Thanksgiving 2013-9

The fried turkey was successfully cooked without burning down the house.

Thanksgiving 2013-11 Thanksgiving 2013-12 Thanksgiving 2013-13 Thanksgiving 2013-14 Thanksgiving 2013-15 Thanksgiving 2013-16 Thanksgiving 2013-17 Thanksgiving 2013-18

Kitties like turkey, too!

Thanksgiving 2013-19 Thanksgiving 2013-20

Time for dessert!

Thanksgiving 2013-21 Thanksgiving 2013-22 Thanksgiving 2013-23 Thanksgiving 2013-24 Thanksgiving 2013-25

The rest of the weekend was spent putting up Christmas decorations – Brett did the entire outside of the house himself! It looks amazing and I will try to share some photos of everything next week or so. We’ll be in Walt Disney World this weekend, so we have some preparations to complete before then. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s there! Love it.

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