Spring 2013 Disney World Trip Report – Day 2

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Day 2: Monday

Today was supposed to be our Magic Kingdom day, but as I mentioned on Day 1, we didn’t want to take a chance with the nasty-looking weather, so we decided to head to Epcot instead. The thing that makes me angry is that we woke up and checked the weather channel…and wouldn’t ya know it, the % chance of rain dropped. Figures. But since we had already rearranged everything and it still looked pretty yucky out, we stuck with our plans to go to Epcot.

We had breakfast at Landscape of Flavors at Art of Animation and then we were on our way. Unless we’re at a table-service restaurant, it seems like we never get any breakfast photos. It must be because we are ready to go-go-GO and don’t stop to take any. We arrived at Epcot around 10 am and it definitely wasn’t pretty out, but at least it hadn’t started raining yet.

First Disney Trip-82 First Disney Trip-83

Before I get into the day, let’s start with a photo of Trent entering his first Disney park EVER!!

First Disney Trip-59

Doesn’t he look absolutely thrilled? Doesn’t this kid know where he is?! Sheesh. Well, he is definitely NOT a morning person and we did not get one single happy “entering-the-park” photo. The moment we’ve been waiting for and he has the sourpuss look of death. It could be because he thought his Mickey ears were going to eat him alive and struggled like hell to get them off but we wouldn’t let him.

Another thing I wanted to share is the sign Brett made for our stroller.


Not only does it serve as a keepsake for Trent’s first Disney trip, but it helped us easily find our stroller in the sea of strollers in the stroller parking areas. We also like to think that it would prevent anyone was stealing the stroller – whether it be accidentally or on purpose. So many people commented on it and told us how cute it was and what a good idea it was. We printed it out on a sheet of paper, then laminated it, punched two holes up top and tied it to the stroller with zip ties (zip ties are sturdier and harder to break/cut versus string). Because it was laminated, the rain didn’t bother it and it was sturdy enough to last the entire trip. I recommend making a similar type of sign if you bring a stroller, no matter how unique you think your stroller is because there is probably at least 5 exactly like it!

Trent’s very first Disney World ride was the Seas with Nemo and Friends! We walked right onto the ride and Trent did great. He wasn’t scared of the dark, he paid attention to everything we passed and he sat on my lap, perfectly content. We were off to a good start as far as rides go!

First Disney Trip-61 First Disney Trip-62 First Disney Trip-63 First Disney Trip-64 First Disney Trip-65 First Disney Trip-66 First Disney Trip-67

We took a quick look at the manatees before walking around the aquarium areas. We placed Trent right against the glass, where he started to bang on it and scream from excitement! The ledge was great for him to stand on, but he almost stepped off a few times.

First Disney Trip-68

Shoes optional.

First Disney Trip-72 First Disney Trip-71 First Disney Trip-73 First Disney Trip-74

Next, we went to Turtle Talk with Crush. Unfortunately, our seats were all the way in the back, so I had to hold Trent up most of the time. They let little kids sit on the floor in the front, but he was a little too young for that. He watched it, but lost interest a few times until something loud or exciting happened. We’ll probably wait until he can sit in the front to see Turtle Talk again. On the plus side, I got lots of cuddles.

First Disney Trip-75 First Disney Trip-76

Trent found Nemo!

First Disney Trip-77

We decided to exchange our paper annual passes for the new rFID annual passes. {you can read more about that here}

First Disney Trip-79

By now, it was time for Trent to eat, so we headed towards the baby care center. This was a first for me, as well, and while I was interested in seeing what these baby care centers were all about, I wasn’t necessarily interested in nursing in a group setting, which I wasn’t sure if I would have to or not, since each park’s baby care center is different.

The baby care center at Epcot is located in the Odyssey Center, which is that vacant-looking building between Test Track and the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase. When you walk in, to the right there is a small room with a tv; straight back is a room with several baby changing tables; and to the left is an open area stocked with plenty of various baby essentials available for purchase. If you turn left towards that room, the nursing room is on the left. This nursing room is an open, moderately lit room with 4 rocking chairs facing each other. I thought the room and setup were rather weird and old feeling (for lack of a better term). There was only one table between two of the rocking chairs…it would have been nice to have one close enough to each chair to place my bag on or other things I’d want to keep nearby and not on the floor. There was a paper towel dispenser, but it was on the wall in the corner behind one of the chairs, so if you needed some, you’d have to walk around someone else. I ended up slightly turning my chair to face the wall instead. It just felt more comfy that way.

Here is the only photo I took, because I didn’t want to impose on anyone wanting privacy. This was taken when were in the room by ourselves. Is it just me or do you think they need to update the creepy photos on the wall?

Epcot Baby Care Center

Trent fell asleep, so I put him in the stroller, put the canopy down, turned on his little fan and then started walking around World Showcase.

Sleeping at Disney

Speaking of the fan, we bought a fan specifically for Trent’s stroller. We have other fans, but we wanted a battery-powered fan that he couldn’t hurt himself on. This fan was amazing! There’s no way for him to hurt his fingers, we barely noticed it was on because it’s so quiet, you can place it anywhere and it kept Trent nice and cool. (You can buy it here)

Disney Fan Disney Fan 2 Disney Fan 3

First Disney Trip-78

We stopped at our first Flower & Garden food kiosk, Pineapple Promenade, for a Pineapple Dole Whip with Spiced Rum.

First Disney Trip-84 First Disney Trip-85

It’s definitely  a smaller portion than what you would find at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom, but this one has the added adult fun-sauce in it. It was interesting to taste a Dole Whip with alcohol, which was a little strong for my liking, but this was a must-try for us on this trip.

First Disney Trip-87

We then stopped to take some photos in Canada. So beautiful.

First Disney Trip-88 First Disney Trip-89 First Disney Trip-90 First Disney Trip-91

Next up was the Great Britain Flower & Garden Festival food kiosk for Tomato and Mozzarella salad. Brett and I split this, but I ate all the onions, Brett’s least favorite food. This was a nice snack…not the best caprese-type salad I’ve had, but still tasty.

First Disney Trip-92 First Disney Trip-93 First Disney Trip-94

First Disney Trip-95

We walked back to take a look at the newly-renovated Boulangerie Patisserie in France, and everything looked so delicious that we decided to eat lunch there.

First Disney Trip-97 First Disney Trip-98 First Disney Trip-99 First Disney Trip-100 First Disney Trip-101

Brett had a sandwich with turkey, bacon, cheese and garlic aioli and I had a sandwich with chicken, mozzarella, pesto and onions. Both were very delicious and luckily, we had seats to enjoy them, as the seating area is pretty small and people were saving seats and standing around waiting for others to leave.

First Disney Trip-102 First Disney Trip-103 First Disney Trip-104

We continued around World Showcase and stopped at our next F&G kiosk, Japan, for Frushi! Brett and I shared this plate, as well, but I wish we hadn’t because I wanted to eat it ALL! Fruit sushi with whipped cream…more, please.

First Disney Trip-106 First Disney Trip-107 First Disney Trip-108 First Disney Trip-109

Mini town!

First Disney Trip-112

GIANT ducks!

First Disney Trip-113 First Disney Trip-114

Trent wanted to pet the ducks. They probably wanted to bite him.

First Disney Trip-115

First Disney Trip-116

Here are some more Flower & Garden Festival food kiosk signs. We didn’t get to try something at each one, but we’re looking forward to it in the future!

First Disney Trip-105 First Disney Trip-110 First Disney Trip-111 First Disney Trip-117

We decided to go back to the hotel to take a break and relax before spending the rest of the night at a park. Even though we were staying in the Little Mermaid section, we decided to trek it over to the Big Blue Pool, the main pool in the Finding Nemo section. When walking past it the day before, it just looked like the more baby-friendly pool compared to the pool in the Little Mermaid section. For starters, there’s a splash zone…what kid doesn’t love splash pads? Secondly, the main pool has a zero-entry side, which meant our little guy could crawl right into the water however deep he was comfortable with.

This was actually a pivotal point in our trip and all future trips. Since we have a pool at home, we don’t ordinarily leave the parks to go swim or nap. Brett doesn’t even like to nap and I don’t like spending money on park passes to not be in the park. But from now on, we will most certainly have to take breaks in the middle of the day, because this kid could not get enough of the splash fountains and the pool!

He was definitely a little hesitant when we first sat him in front of a splash fountain. It was almost like he was trying to figure out what it was…the water would spray up and just as he thought he figured it out and would go to grab it…poof! gone! Where did it go?

First Disney Trip-309

Then, we let him crawl around the pool area in the zero-entry section. We could sit on the ledge or lounge on the ground and he could crawl around on his own. We made sure to sit to the side to avoid any older kids running by and not paying attention.

This was like a whole new world to him and he was smiling and screaching full of happiness.

We picked him up and walked in a little further for a few minutes, then headed back to the room for a nap. This was when I first wished we had been in a suite…our room seemed so far away!

After the nap, we headed out to Hollywood Studios for the night.

First Disney Trip-118

First Disney Trip-119

It looked like it was going to rain (which it looked like all day, so no surprise there really) so we decided it was time for dinner at Pizza Planet. Sure, it may be an overpriced individual pizza, but we love it! We also decided to partake in the Earth Day festiveness and split a Worms n Dirt Cupcake. It was a simple chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling, but the toppings were what made it interesting…a candy flower pot, a gummy worm and dirt (aka more chocolate!).

First Disney Trip-120 First Disney Trip-121

By the time we were finished eating, the rain had stopped, so we headed back out.

First Disney Trip-122 First Disney Trip-123 First Disney Trip-124

There were 2 showings of Fantasmic! that night. A good tip is to go to the 2nd showing, since the majority of people in the park will go to the early show and leave immediately afterward…leaving shorter ride lines during the first show and possibly better seats for the 2nd show for you. However, we didn’t think we would be staying in the park that much later and we also didn’t want to risk the 2nd show getting canceled due to weather, so we decided to attend the first show.

But first, I went to the Baby Care Center to warm up his bottle. The Baby Care center at Hollywood Studios is at the front of the park, to the right just before you hit the turnstiles. I’ll go into more detail on the layout of this Baby Care Center tomorrow, but today I just walked in and used the microwave to warm his bottle so he could eat while we were waiting for Fantasmic! to start. Bottle of milk makes baby happy.

This was the day they started handing out Fastpasses for Fantasmic! (which they passed out earlier in the day when we weren’t there), so there were a bunch of people that could pass us…but there were also a bunch of people that didn’t properly get in line and just walked past everyone to sneak into the line somewhere anyway. Ugh…a major pet peeve of mine. Another complaint is how the cast members handled the stroller parking. With this being our first trip with a stroller, we were definitely learning the ropes…which pathways we needed to take or could no longer take, how to quickly fold it up for the tram (which Brett practiced at home before we left ha!), how to weave around people (lol)…but we also were learning where all the stroller parking locations were. For Fantasmic, since they were testing the Fastpass system for it, their loudspeaker was confusing. We started walking to the right, but they wanted us to walk to the left…then they made us walk up a ramp only to be told to walk back down and go AGAINST the crowd to another parking spot because that one was full, even though another cast member just told us to go up there. Brett usually keeps quiet and just goes with the flow, but by that time, he was ready to ram someone with the stroller (after all, isn’t that what they are for? j/k).

With the stroller finally parked, we waited in line again to be seated. We actually had great seats due to cast members making everyone scoot over.

Fine, you won’t wear your hat, then I WILL!

First Disney Trip-125

Trent started to get sleepy while we were waiting…

First Disney Trip-126

So we gave him a glow necklace we brought from home and he perked right up!

First Disney Trip-128 First Disney Trip-129 First Disney Trip-130

He stood up on my lap and paid attention the entire time. It was times like these I was grateful that he isn’t an early sleeper. Sure, it’s not the best on a daily basis and makes it almost impossible to get anything done, but we weren’t going to try to change that before the trip and then expect him to stay awake until fireworks at 11pm.

First Disney Trip-127 First Disney Trip-131 First Disney Trip-132 First Disney Trip-133 First Disney Trip-134 First Disney Trip-135 First Disney Trip-136 First Disney Trip-138 First Disney Trip-139 First Disney Trip-140 First Disney Trip-141 First Disney Trip-142 First Disney Trip-143

After the show, we left the park and headed to Downtown Disney for some shopping. I was pretty good this trip and only got a picture frame and a toy for Trent.

Argh, mateys….this be the end of Day 2!!

First Disney Trip-144


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  • Tamara
    Jul 25, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    I am LOVING these Disney post recaps. Sooo many gorgeous pictures! They’re just so awesome and I am so glad we have a trip booked because if we didn’t I wouldn’t be able to read these. I miss it so much! We really need to get passes again ASAP. Looking forward to seeing Day 3! Oh and the stroller sign and room window banner are such a great idea!

    • Lynn Svenson
      Aug 19, 2013 at 8:48 am

      Thanks! I’m glad you are enjoying it! I look forward to reading about your trip too!