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We started this blog in 2012, a couple of months before Trent was born. It started out as a way to share all of our pregnancy and baby news with friends, family and anyone else that wanted to come along for the ride. We had a lot of new things happening that we wanted to share, a nursery, craft projects, maternity photos, Disney World Trips, to name a few. Over this short time, it has grown to much more and I am so thankful. Really. I really try to put as much effort into each new post as I can and I hope you are able to see that and enjoy it.

I’ve also cultivated relationships with companies and other online bloggy friends and love being able to offer a little sumtin’ sumtin’ to you guys as a giveaway or discount as often as I can. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Most of you may find this post boring, but I just wanted to get the word out there that we have made a few changes to our advertising/sponsor page and how we do all things sponsor-related.

If you check out the Sponsor page (top menu), you’ll notice a new fancy way of purchasing/placing ads. I decided to try Passionfruit Ads, which allows you to see the advertising options, choose which one you want, upload your photo and link, pay through PayPal and voila! Your ad will be up on our site within minutes and you donn’t have to play the email back-and-forth game. Isn’t that awesome?

Sponsor Us

Of course, I get to approve all ads, so nothing should appear on here that isn’t family appropriate. Let us help promote your blog or business!

As an added incentive, I will also start doing a monthly sponsor shout-out post that will spotlight anyone that has purchased an ad that month, as well as any business I have had the pleasure of working with that month through a review, giveaway, etc. Just another way to share some awesome stuff with you guys while helping keep baby Trent fed 😛

Here are some fun numbers, because what’s a CPA who doesn’t love numbers?

Average monthly visitors: Over 30,000 (over 53,000 in December!)

Facebook likes: 211 LIKE US!

Pinterest followers: 1,035 FOLLOW US!

We’re also on YouTube and Twitter.


Here’s a little Valentine’s Day gift to you (a few days late, because I’m late for everything)

10% off all ad spots purchased in February with code:


P.S. In other fun news, I’ve been notified that one of my guest posts will be featured on a popular personal finance blog this weekend! I’ve been reading that blog for a few years now and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to share it once it’s live!


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