Shrimp & Grits with Hormel Microwave Ready Bacon

Just like with Sweet Tea, Shrimp & Grits is something I had never heard of while growing up in New Jersey but have come to love. It wasn’t until I had been living in Florida a few years and took a trip to Savannah, GA and saw them on the menu of a seafood restaurant. It was listed in the specialty section…which caused me to look at Brett and say “Specialty grits?” like it was some sort of oxymoron. I wasn’t really digging the rest of the menu, so I gave them a try and I am so glad I did. That particular dish had very flavorful shrimp and candied bacon on top of perfectly cooked grits and it was all topped with a “healthy” portion of cheese. And by healthy, I mean a lot.

Since trying them, Brett has recreated the meal several times at home…candied bacon and all.

This time, though, we wanted something a little quicker and wanted to try it with this Hormel Microwave Ready Bacon Brett found while shopping.

Shrimp and grits

It’s not the pre-cooked kind you are used to seeing that just need to be heated up in the microwave. This version is ready-to-cook and instead of dealing with a greasy pan on the stove, they come ready to cook in the microwave.

Shrimp and grits 2

So about 30 minutes before you’re ready to cook, just marinate thawed shrimp in olive oil, Adobo seasoning, and N’Orleans Cajun seasoning.

Shrimp and grits 1

We chose to grill the shrimp, so if you go that route, we find it best to put them on wooden skewers so you can set them right on the grill. Yum.


For the grits, we just use several packets of cheesy grits and cooked according to the package, then topped them with shredded cheese.

Cook the bacon according to the package, then cut up into smaller pieces and sprinkle over the cheesy grits.

Shrimp and grits 3

This is when the shrimp came off the grill…right after, we just took the shrimp off the skewers and enjoyed our Southern meal!

Shrimp and grits 5

On a side note, for my Hormel Family recipe posts, it seems like my recipes always either involve Hormel bacon or Skippy peanut butter…but I can’t help it! Those are my two favorites of their product and they are so versatile to be used in many different recipes! 🙂

Shrimp and grits 6


For other Hormel Bacon Recipes, visit their recipe list here!

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