Shop Disney Parks App Review (it will take all of your money!)

For those of you that visit the Disney parks, have you ever had that feeling right after you head home from your vacation that you should have bought that thing you wanted in the one store in the park? Or that you forgot to go back and buy something when you were leaving?

Well, I get that feeling all the time. I talk myself out of buying stuff at that moment, or I don’t buy something when I see it because I don’t want to walk around with it and can’t have it sent to my room because I’m checking out the next day.

Or…and this is the big one…you’re not going to the parks again for a while, but you know they just got some really nice new merchandise that is not available online at How ever will you BUY ALL THE THINGS?? {Insert cry baby face emoji}

Shop Disney Parks App – that’s how!



I discovered this app during our last trip. I don’t know how long it has been out, but it is amazing. Basically, if something is sold in the Parks, you can have it shipped to you at home. Not everything that’s in the parks is available on there, but many things are. There are a lot of other cool features for shopping while you are in the parks too, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

The app is free – but trust me, you’ll be paying…for lots of fun Disney stuff!

The main page displays new arrivals and any current promotions. You can search for a particular item, or just browse the categories.



You can search for a particular item or just browse through all of the categories. Then you can purchase the item and have it sent to your house.

I ordered a new Magic Band and it arrived within just a few days. I even got free shipping (a current promotion) and maybe even a passholder discount (the discounts were grouped together so I couldn’t tell).

It was displayed under the “New Arrivals” section. I just went to it and tapped “Add to Bag.”



I was choosing Home Delivery, but you can also choose Park Gate Pickup and Resort Hotel Delivery.


It came wrapped in Walt Disney World tissue paper, making it even more fun to open.


Official Disney Parks Merchandise!!


Even though the Magic Bands are non-refundable (per the box) I did receive a receipt and return form for if I need it. I’m guessing that’s standard, though.

It was almost like I went to WDW and bought it in person, minus the 3.5 hour drive!


If you’re in the parks, another fun thing you can do is scan a barcode of an item and have it show you where else in the Park(s) you can find that item.



This would be useful if you wanted to buy something “on the way out” or wanted more of an item than what was available at your current store. Or if you had something at home, maybe you bought the last time you were in the Parks or someone gave it to you as a gift, you can scan it to know where to get it again the next time you’re there.



The scan feature works really well! It pulled up the item before I even had the barcode all the way in the box – which made getting a screenshot of it (like above) very difficult!




I would totally use this feature if I was in a store in the parks and had something I wanted to buy, only to see that the line at the cash register was super long. I would scan the item, buy it through the app, and then select Park Gate Pickup or Resort delivery!

Using a similar feature, if you see an item on the app, it can tell you where to find that item in the Park(s). We could have used this when we were looking for some hot Halloween items 2 years ago…they sent us to Downtown Disney and Pop Century and neither had them…the entire WDW was sold out – we had to buy it on Amazon haha.

Just tap “Find on Map” and you’ll be given a map everywhere that item is sold.



I zoomed into Magic Kingdom and selected the Emporium…it even shows you what the store looks like so you know where you’re going and if it is in stock at that location.



So you can then bring home some Disney Magic, or have it shipped to you without barely lifting a finger!



Seriously Disney? Do you not get enough of my money already??


Shop Disney Parks App Review

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  • Dawn E.
    Feb 5, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    I love this app, and you’re right, it will take your money!

    It’s been out for a while…6-8 months, maybe even longer? Anyway, we went to Disney January 2015. We stay at Fort Wilderness and there’s this adorable chip and dale mug I was eyeballing. I talked myself out of buying it while we were there (I had all the Starbucks you were here mugs-including the now recalled purple monorail epcot mug-to lug home) and was kicking myself about it when we got home. I went on ebay, amazon and some of those shop at the parks for you sites and could not find it. The one place I did find it, it was out of stock and they wanted $30 for it ($14.95 retail price). Well thankfully it was out of stock on that site because as soon as this app came out I searched for my mug and it was there! It took approximately 3 minutes to find it, add it to my cart and pay for it. Waaaay to easy!
    I haven’t bought anything else yet, but I do love looking!

    • Lynn Svenson
      Feb 7, 2016 at 2:23 pm

      Awesome! I look every day haha