See Ya Real Soon!

So…we’re off to Walt Disney World today!


Going to WDW


Did we leave on time? Probably not.


Did we forget something? Probably – let’s hope it wasn’t Trent.


Will Trent sleep the entire drive down? Ha, are you for serious?


But the big question of the trip is…how many times will Lynn cry? Tears of joy, of course, but still…Disney tends to bring out the emotional side of me. I just can’t help it. And now seeing Trent at the place where we looked forward to bringing our child from day 1…well, let’s just say I am anticipating the emotions to run wild!

Walt Disney World Trent-1

Sooo…given that we will be on blog hiatus for the next week, I wanted to leave you with a round-up of posts that got us to this trip. I didn’t post about it nearly as much as I wanted to. I’m not sure just how many of you are fellow Disney fans and I don’t intend for this blog to turn into a Disney blog…but Disney is a big part of our lives, so expect it to be a part of the blog too…just like when we start traveling more when Trent is older, I will be sharing those travel details too! Looking back at the many trips we’ve gone on, I wish I had written down more details, taken more photos (yes, it’s possible) and had a place to share it all. So I am glad I get to do that now and I will be taking advantage of it!


If you want even more of our WDW shenanigans, LIKE us on Facebook! We’ll be sharing photos and video in real-time (we’ll be testing just how good the free Wi-Fi is) and I’ll be randomly posting questions and maybe a giveaway or two!


See ya real soon!

Walt Disney World Trent-2










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