Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Room 8660 Review

We have never been the type of people to let the cruise assign us a room…we MUST pick our own room. We carefully research which rooms have the amenities we desire, the location of the room, and make decisions off of what’s available. During that research, we like looking at photos, blog posts, and videos from people that have stayed in the room we are considering. So first, thank you to everyone that has left an honest review of any part of their trip anywhere online, it sure does help with planning! Second, I like doing my part and sharing our reviews to help others out too! Below is our review and photos of the room we stayed in while on our cruise in 2016. You can read the entire trip report here.

Room 8660 onboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas is a Grand Suite located on deck 8, towards the Aft on the Starboard side. Grand Suites are part of the Royal Suite Class and provide Sky Class benefits, which you can read more about here.


We chose this room because we wanted the space. With 2 kids, especially young kids that need the space to match their energy, we needed enough sleeping space and extra space for when we would be hanging out in the room. This room did not disappoint!

Upon entering, you are in the food counter/closet area, with the bathroom to the right.


There is plenty of closet space, and the counter space proved helpful for setting things down when coming in and out of the room. There was lots of drawer space, but I kinda felt weird putting clothes in the “food area” drawers because you don’t know what past occupants used them for (food or clothes?) and I didn’t want my clothes in where others may have put food. I get enough crumbs on myself when eating and don’t need any more, thanks. 😉


In the main living area, on the left was a sleeper sofa, a table, and two chairs…with the TV in the center (it did not swivel as much as we would have liked in order to have both sides of the room see it.


Every night while we were at dinner, our room attendant would convert the sofa into a bed, complete with pillows and blankets, and then every morning, he would convert it back to be used as a sofa all day.


On the right was our bed and the desk/vanity area. My complaint here would be that there aren’t any outlets on the other side of the bed…this was also a complaint on our next cruise, so it’s not just limited to this room.


Compared to a normal balcony room, the extra space here would be side where the bed and restroom are. I couldn’t imagine being in a smaller space with my two crazy children. When it was just us two, we were fine with a standard balcony room, so please don’t think we are room snobs.


Well, I take that back. We may be room snobs after having a bathroom like this. Waaaaaay bigger than the standard rooms. By far. I loved having a shower tub…enough space for us to take a comfortable shower, and the tub was perfect for the kids to take a bath. Double sinks and extra counter space were also helpful.


Oh, and we are totally balcony snobs too…but we’ve been that way since our very first cruise. 😉

The balcony here was double the size of a standard balcony and included 2 lounge chairs with ottomans and a little table, and a dining table with two chairs.


It was so nice sitting out here to enjoy a few snacks, drinks and having a great, non-crowded view during sail-aways.


The funny thing is that we have always had a room on the Starboard side of the ship. I don’t know why…it just seems to happen that way. Luckily, that is the side that is always docked, so we always had a great view of the ports we stopped at.


The kids loved looking out at each place we stopped.


What’s nearby

One of our favorite things about the location of this room was that we could walk through the beautiful and peaceful Central Park when leaving or returning to our room. The Park Cafe was a nice place to grab snacks and coffee and was usually never too crowded. There is also a bar in Central Park that was never busy, making it a convenient stop for drinks to bring back to the room (we had the beverage package, so this happened a lot).


We were also close to the elevators and stairs…definitely an important benefit!

The kids also benefitted from us being only 2 floors away from the Boardwalk area, where they often enjoyed the carousel…


…and the little arcade.


We were also 3 floors away from the Royal Promenade, where we could grab 24 hour pizza at Sorrentos, coffee at the Cafe Promenade, and go shopping while not in port.


Some downsides

We were a bit far from the kids club. This was Trent’s second cruise, and he had never been in a kids club, but we were sad we waited until towards the end of the trip to take him to the kids club…he LOVED it! The kids club is on deck 14 all the way at the front of the ship…so it was quite a walk. Those without kids won’t consider this a downside, especially since we had some issues on our next cruise when our room was on deck 14 (I’ll elaborate when I do the review for that room).

I also wasn’t impressed with our Royal Suite treatment…i.e. we didn’t get any. Our room attendant barely made himself known and we were never provided with a dining room menu (Suite guests can order off of the main dining room menu for room service). Since we were onboard with family that were not in suites, we couldn’t take advantage of some suite offerings since the rest of the family wouldn’t have been able to accompany us. However, we stayed in a suite after this and didn’t really take advantage then either haha. The one time we ordered from room service, they took FOREVER and even forgot one of the things we ordered. The food wasn’t hot and arrived too close to our dining room time that we barely touched it.

I would have liked to be able to enjoy alcoholic drinks in my room since we had the Ultimate Drink Package. You are able to order them for room service, but have to pay full price. I understand that this may not be the easiest thing for room service if they had to bring us lushes drinks to our rooms all day, but it would have been nice to take advantage of my drink package while being confined to my room with a napping toddler. (this applies to all rooms)


Overall, we really liked this room, and loved getting double points towards our Crown & Anchor Society level and faster check-in lines – even though we waited for the rest of the family anyway 🙂 There was no noise in the hallways or outside on the balcony…it was a very peaceful room/deck to be on.


In case you missed it, be sure to read our cruise trip report, which includes a lot more photos and a video!

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Trip Report


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