Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cruise Day 3

This trip report is from our recent cruise onboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, departing from Port Canaveral on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary. We stopped in Nassau, Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We had 7 days of sun-filled fun and I hope you enjoy reading all about our adventures!

Day 3 was a sea day, but we had to get up extra early anyway for our DreamWorks Breakfast!

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-57 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-63


I decided to book this earlier on in our week versus later because I figured it would be more difficult to wake up early as the week went on…hehe

This breakfast was $10 per person and was held at the back of the main dining room.

We were seated right away and started off with drinks…coffee and a mimosa. 😉



Breakfast was standard but good.



The kids liked their french toast and fruit.

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-60 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-61


Before any characters came out, they had all the kids go up and dance along with a crew member host. Trent used to be the shyest boy, but now he will do just about anything.



We didn’t know this at the time, but apparently they rotate characters. We had 3 different characters than my sister-in-law did when they went a few days later. Either way, it was fun trying to guess which characters we would be. Trent wanted the Lion (Alex from Madagascar). Aubrey would just repeat whatever character we said.

First up was Gloria from Madagascar! She was super fabulous!



Since Gloria is “big and chunky” she stayed at the front while families were called up to take photos and interact with her.



Aubrey is in the “I’m gonna act super excited to see you and then freeze in horror when it’s time to meet you” stage. Trent went through that for a little while, so hopefully she snaps out of it soon.



Work it!



Next up was Alex – yay! Trent was so happy! Rawr!



The other two characters came around to your table for photos.



Lastly was King Julien from Madagascar! He was so crazy and totally in character along with the movie…dancing all over the place and acting silly with everyone.



Every time a character came out, each kid got a sticker with that character on it.



I am a fan of Disney dining experiences that allow you to meet characters without standing in line, so this was definitely worth it to me for our kids to see 3 characters while eating breakfast.

We met up with some of the family at the back of deck 5 to see what they were up to…we had gone out here on the first night and I definitely like the view during the day much better. It’s a tad scary at night being so low and in pitch black! This is the deck with the jogging track, but there are a few chairs to relax and enjoy the view in a little-known spot.

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-65 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-664r9a1105


So much to do, not enough time…



Trent asked to go to the arcade 2498164716531 times throughout the cruise, but he really has fun playing in there and gets one on one time with Brett because Aubrey can’t do most of the big kid games and me and her do some younger kid games. This time, we went to the arcade on deck 16 I believe it was. This one was geared more towards older kids.

Didn’t bother Trent…time to rock out!






It was pretty windy out, but we took a chance at some mini golf anyway. I really like how they have this little area for younger kids to the side. They can play without holding up the line in the main area.

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-68 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-69img_5321img_5325


While they played, I took advantage of there being no line for the zip-line. I already signed my waivers online before the cruise (I recommend it), so I just had to get my Sea Pass card punched to show the operators that I was cleared to ride. Word of advice: they are super strict on the zip-line. I recommend wearing tie-up athletic sneakers because I almost got sent away with just my tie-up walking shoes (Skechers). They made me take off my SeaPass lanyard, my necklace, and my Apple watch…and show them that my pockets were completely empty. I could have done 10 passes on it during the time I had to run back and forth to Brett over at the mini golf to hand him all the things they made me take off each time. I know it’s because there are balconies and the boardwalk area with people underneath and they don’t want anything falling off and hitting someone, but sheesh. Then, the person before me lost a shoe while riding it and I thought for sure they would change their minds on my shoes. But, they let me go and it was fun. Quick, but fun. Especially since it’s free. 😉

One of our favorite things to do on a sea day is head to the main dining room for lunch. Most people hit up the Windjammer buffet, but we like the MDR because not only do you get a table without needing to look for one, with wait staff and a full menu to order from like dinner, but they have the most amazing salad bar. All the fixins are lined up in separate bowls and you tell the crew members what you want and they make it for you, then someone at the end tosses it in the dressing and serves it on a plate for you to bring back to your table.

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-70 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-71


Oh, and there’s cake. Monstrous cakes.



Since the kids were up earlier than usual for breakfast, Aubrey was ready to fall asleep right there at the table. Our waiter saw this and set her up a makeshift bed from two chairs, with a blanket (tablecloth) and pillow (rolled up tablecloth). I thought he was joking at first, but he did the entire thing and to our surprise, she loved it!



He even made her a stuff animal out of a napkin. So many cruise crew members go above and beyond. She was loving every second of it.



After her nap, we went to the Boardwalk for what they were calling a “Kids Festival.” They basically had various games scattered along the center walkway for kids to play with. I thought it was a nice way for kids to have some playtime without being sent away to the kids club.

Aubrey found some rubber chickens to throw into bins.

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-74 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-76 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-77


Trent found a game and stayed with it for 30 minutes…Angry Birds toss.




I took a chance and had Aubrey get her face painted, which she had never done before. She did great! She gave the guy the side-eye the entire time, but didn’t move and let him do his thing.



I did ask for just a small kitty on her cheek…something I knew would be pretty quick for him to paint and not something that would take over her face and freak her out.

4r9a1125 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-78





The cupcake/ice cream place was right there and we had a reservation for Brett and Trent to decorate cupcakes. Unfortunately, when we arrived, we were told that all cupcake decorating classes for the week had been cancelled. He didn’t tell us why, but said he tried to contact us…we didn’t have any messages on our phone at all, so either he called and didn’t leave a message or he didn’t call at all. I was pretty sad because I booked it before the cruise and Trent was excited for it, but he let us pick out some treats to make up for it.



Earlier in the day, we had looked at the menu for the dining room that night and didn’t have anything stand out to us, so we all decided to go to Sabor. It’s an additional fee, but with low prices around $5 for most items.



And I’m not one to turn down chips and salsa.



Hands down, my favorite drink from the entire cruise was their margarita that had orange juice in it. I don’t remember if it had a special name, but I remember it had orange juice listed. I think the orange juice helped it not have any type of bitterness or over-sweetness that some margaritas can have.

I had 3 😀



Here they make fresh guacamole tableside. I have always steered away from guacamole because I don’t like avocado really, but I tried some and it was decent. I always prefer salsa.



This is not my meal, but I just had to get a photo of it. Doesn’t that look tasty?



I had pulled chicken make-your-own tacos. Very tasty and quite spicy.



The kids had quesadillas.

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-87 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-88



It was drizzling out, and I’m sure whatever weather system we were in was making the boat rock a bit (either that or my 3 margaritas), so we all decided to take it easy and ended the night by meeting up in the game room to play some cards. But first, towel animals…



The kids grabbed whatever games were already in the room, but unfortunately, none of the batteries worked so they quickly lost interest. Next time, I think we will bring some travel games for the kids to play.



Thanks for reading day 3 of our cruise! Stay tuned for Day 4, St. Thomas!


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  • Dawn E.
    Jan 11, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    I love your trip reports, thanks for sharing. How do you think this cruise would be for girls ages 10 and 13? We’re not ready to spend the big bucks for a Disney Cruise yet but are considering some sort of cruise this year. We call it our practice cruise as we’ve never been on one yet, lol.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Lynn Svenson
      Jan 13, 2017 at 10:32 am

      I think it would be great! We look forward to our kids being able to use more activities in a few years. There’s so much to do! Ice skating, swimming, characters, zip line, etc. Our niece and nephew were 9 and 12 I think and they loved it, and especially loved the kids clubs and kept asking to go back every day.

      • Dawn E.
        Jan 14, 2017 at 6:06 pm

        Oh wow, ice skating…at sea…that sounds awesome, lol. Thanks so much. 🙂 I think we’re going to look into this!