Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cruise Day 6

This trip report is from our recent cruise onboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, departing from Port Canaveral on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary. We stopped in Nassau, Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We had 7 days of sun-filled fun and I hope you enjoy reading all about our adventures!

I’m bring you this trip report day from the balcony of the Oasis of the Seas again! Yup, we are on the boat again for my birthday! Follow me on Instagram for our adventures: @thephotowife

Day 6 was spent at sea…no complaints here.



We had breakfast at the Windjammer and were super excited to find a nice table for 4 in the back corner and wondered why no one was sitting there…turns out it was blaring sun the entire time. Haha joke’s on us.





Walking out of the Windjammer, a Spa crew member was outside passing out pamphlets for the special they were having today. I had been wanting to get a massage, so I took advantage of the special and booked a massage for right then.



Once you enter the spa, you have to go downstairs using this glass staircase. Talk about trippy. There was another lady that needed assistance because she couldn’t do it…they were kinda scary and it really confuses your brain walking down them…better to just not look down.



The waiting room was really pretty and relaxing.

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-photos-170 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-photos-171



After my lovely relaxing massage, I strolled through the Royal Promenade.




Then up to the water zones to these these two having a blast with Daddy.

img_5651 img_5656 img_5658 img_5660


The ice cream cone station was finally open, so we got some cones and headed back to our balcony. Ice cream by the ocean…life is good.



For lunch, we went back to the Windjammer. The kids eat much better when there is a little bit of all their favorites on the plate.



A waiter came over and did some magic and made some wands for the kids. Clearly, they were fascinated.

img_5664 img_5665


Quick stop at the arcade.



We took advantage of our ability to grab Suite-reserved seats at that afternoon’s ice show.



In the middle of the show, they had a sand artist come out. It was really cool what she was doing, but lasted way too long in my opinion. The kids were getting antsy.



The kids loved the ice show…they had never seen anything like that! Unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity to ice skate ourselves, maybe next time.



A little nighttime carousel ride.

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-photos-183 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-photos-184


I think this was the 2nd formal night with lobster, but this was the only photo I took! Ha!



The kids love coming back to the room to see the towel animals…and jumping on the bed in their dressy clothes.



We dropped them both off at the kids club so we could go to our favorite event of the week…the Quest!



The Quest is an audience-participation game for adults only. Each section of the audience is split up into teams and each team has two audience members volunteer to be team captains.



The cruise director then calls out various items, mostly naughty things lol, and the team captains run over to him with the items and their team number, trying to be the first ones he sees.



We had hyped up the Quest to the family members and it did not disappoint. It really makes it a whole new experience when you sit in the front row and participate. Here is one of our captains having her face painted with lipstick. Lipstick facial?



There is a guy under there without a shirt having all these women smear their lipstick-painted faces all over his body. Leave the kids at home for this!



I have more photos, but what happens in the Quest stays in the Quest and I don’t want to embarrass anyone, including myself!

Our family members laughed until they cried…it was great!

Thank you for reading our trip report! Stay tuned for Day 7 and 8!

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