Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cruise Day 1

This trip report is from our recent cruise onboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, departing from Port Canaveral on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary. We stopped in Nassau, Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We had 7 days of sun-filled fun and I hope you enjoy reading all about our adventures!


This cruise sure was a long time in the making. Way back in early 2015 when we found out that the Oasis of the Seas was moving home ports from Miami to Port Canaveral in 2016, we thought a family cruise would be a fun way to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Our immediate family was onboard with the plan (pun intended) and we patiently waited over a year and a half for our vacation. A lot of things happened over that year and a half, including us moving to Disney World and everyone having major issues with our travel agent (expect a separate post on that later…DRAMA!), so by the time our cruise date arrived, we were all ready for a vacation.

Before I get into the trip report, here’s a short video of our favorite video clips from the cruise. 🙂


Since we live an hour from the port, everyone drove to meet up at our house so we could all drive together. Family photo before we all gain 10 pounds!



The Oasis of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships in the world. It’s always exciting to see your ship in the distance when arriving to the port, but this time it was even more exciting since you could see our ship from miles away!



We left our house around 10am in order to get to the port around 11am. We quickly arrived at the parking garage and had no problem finding a spot. Since we were staying in a suite, we were given the privilege of our own security line and our own check-in line. However, since all of our family members were not in suites and had to go through the regular line, we ended up losing out on these advantages because once we were done, we waited for them so we could all walk on the ship together. This early, we were actually only about 10 minutes faster than they were.

Within 30 minutes or so of arriving in the parking garage, we were walking onto the ship. Time to party!



Well, not quite. We had some matters to attend to at Guest Services, which luckily was right as you enter the ship. We needed our Sea Passes punched for our lanyards and I had to inquire about our onboard credits due to our travel agent issue. Once everything was settled, then it was time to discover our home for the next week. We walked up towards the Windjammer and took a peek at the Port. It was a beautiful day.



Then we had lunch at the Windjammer, Royal Caribbean’s name for their large open-seating buffet. It was already pretty busy and it was quite a task finding seating for 12 people, but we did it and the food was yummy.



We ventured to a couple other decks while waiting for our rooms to be available and the kids found some fun places to play in the Boardwalk area.



This play area was conveniently located across from a bar, and since we had the Ultimate Drink Package, I took advantage and ordered a margarita.



Our rooms were ready right on time (I think it was around 1?). This was our first time staying in a suite with Royal Caribbean and we were ready for some nice perks.



We were also ready for the space! This was also our first time cruising with TWO toddlers and knew we just could not have stayed sane in a normal room. We cruised with just Trent before, but had one of those special rooms that are larger because of it’s location and didn’t have to pay extra for a suite (it was also on a Disney ship). We had a Grand Suite on the 8th floor. It was a nice size and we never felt cramped.



The balcony was double the size and wonderful. As you can see, there is room for a small dining table and chairs, two loungers and a small table. I’d do a separate review of the room with more pictures after this trip report.



The kids had never seen anything like this!

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-photos-8 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-photos-9


We decided to stay on our balcony for the sail away. There was a sail away party with DreamWorks characters, but I was plenty content with a Pina Colada and plenty of space to relax.




Bye bye Florida!



Hey, we know those people!



Our family was staying in 4 rooms, every other room down the row. It was so fun seeing them – we were all so excited to finally be here!

royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-photos-11 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-photos-12


Carnival is following us!



Once we were far off away, we unpacked our bags and then got ready for dinner. We had the 8pm seating. When we first booked, we weren’t sure who all was coming with us, so we originally chose My Time Dining. Then months passed without us thinking about it…then when we started thinking about the cruise again, we read some horror stories about My Time Dining and larger groups and tried to get the early main dining room time. We were upset to learn it was all full, but the later seating ended up working out really well for all of us. It never cut into our activities and since our kids stay up late, they were just fine eating late.

When it came time to order, I decided I was going to be adventurous. I was going to try new things and if I didn’t like it, then oh well, I’ll ask for something else. So I did it…I tried something I’ve never had and have always chickened out of ordering…




All gone! I ate a few and then I passed it to a few people that had never tried it before either and we were all pleasantly surprised. I probably wouldn’t order it again but I wasn’t grossed out by it at all.

Getting my money’s worth out my drink package with a mudslide! Our drink waiter knew our table well by the end of the week.



I also ordered a French Onion Soup.



Brett had calamari and couldn’t stop raving about the dip that it came with.



He also got this…which was like some sort of cornbread appetizer (can’t remember the name).

4r9a0953 royal-caribbean-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-photos-16


Aubrey got a chicken meal off the kids menu, but it looked like an adult meal.



Broccoli became her favorite thing to eat during this trip.




I ordered the creme brûlée and only ended up eating a few bites. It was kind of tasteless, but the after-dinner shot made up for it. 🙂



Brett got the cheesecake and said it was pretty good.



By the time dinner was done, it was just before 10pm. There were no events going on and it was a pretty exciting day, so we called it a night and headed back to the room. Our sofa had been made into a bed and our cruise compasses were on the bed waiting for us to see the next day’s activities. Tomorrow would be our first full day with a stop at Nassau, Bahamas!


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