Pinterest Challenge: Mickey Fabric Corkboards DIY

Mickey Corkboards-10


I’ve had a pin with this idea pinned for a few weeks now (original pin is at the bottom of this post), knowing that I would be at IKEA during our WDW trip and could pick up a set of cheap corkboards. Sure, I probably could have gotten corkboards elsewhere, but IKEA cork boards are worth the wait, right?


I liked this idea because it looked like an inexpensive and unique way to display little photos or special items. Once I had my corkboards, I was super excited to find that Brett had extra leftover Mickey fabric from revamping an old suitcase for this photo.


Walt Disney World Trent-1


Since I’ve been in such a Disney mood forever lately, I figured that this fabric would be perfect.


Mickey Corkboards-3


Here are all my materials for this project:


3 Corkboards
Enough fabric to cover corkboards
Small hooks
Hot glue gun/Glue (not pictured)


Mickey Corkboards


Ok, it’s time to get crafty up in here.


Heat up the hot glue gun.


Lay the corkboard onto the underside of the fabric. Cut circles in the fabric about an inch wider than the edge of the corkboard. By cutting the fabric in a circle, that makes it easier to glue down in the next step and reduces the amount of fabric to be glued down, making it easier to lay flat when hung on the wall.


Mickey Corkboards-4


Fold sections of the fabric to the underside of the corkboard and glue down. Hold down a few seconds until dry, then glue another small section on top of the prior section…going around until all the fabric is glued to the underside of the corkboard. Try to make sure the fabric is as flat as possible.


Mickey Corkboards-5


Done with the fabric!


Mickey Corkboards-6


Next, attach a hook to the back of the corkboard. We used these small hooks that insert right into cork from Hobby Lobby for $1.00.


Mickey Corkboards-2


Mickey Corkboards-7


Pound some nails into the wall and hang those babies!


Mickey Corkboards-8


Then, add some fun stuff!


Mickey Corkboards-9


Mickey Corkboards-11


Here is the original pin. Yup, the link leads to a site in Spanish, so I pretty much just used the photo for the idea and made up the rest.


Pinterest Project


This project is being submitted to the Pinterest Challenge, co-hosted by the lovely ladies below…if you have time, go check out their sites to see what they made for the Challenge, as well as all the projects linked up by others! Happy crafting!


Sherry from Young House Love
Katie from Bower Power
Emily from Sparkle meets Pop
Renee from Red Bird Blue


Pinterest Challenge - Spring


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  • kate
    May 8, 2013 at 3:36 am

    wow… you’re really in a disney state of mind. =)
    I imagine myself as the little mermaid sometimes too

    nice artwork btw

  • Grace
    May 8, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Super cute. And I love the suitcase photo. I am a Disney person too (I “get it”!) and can’t wait to take my son for the first time this fall!

    • Lynn Svenson
      May 8, 2013 at 6:59 pm

      Thanks! I hope you have a great time on your Disney trip!