Peace Out, Google Reader

If Google Reader were a man, he’d be saying “It’s not you, it’s me” breaking up with all of us on July 1st.

Google Reader lets me read all my favorite blogs while at work (shhh don’t tell my boss) but when I got the sad news that Google Reader was going bye-bye on July 1st, I panicked a little. I could never remember all the blogs I have on there, let alone remember or have time to actually go and visit each one. While I do believe it is good practice to visit your favorite blogs as often as possible just to experience their blog and anything new design-wise, I still wanted a way to read at work. Tsk-tsk I know.

I had heard good things about Feedly, so I am giving that a try. It was extremely easy to import all of my feeds from Reader. Literally, like 2 steps.

Go to and click on the button that says “One Click Google Reader Import”

welcome to feedly

Then give Feedly permission to access your Google account.

Request for Permission


I am still getting used to the look. I liked how Reader had the blogs listed out on the sidebar. Maybe Feedly does that too and I just haven’t figured it out yet. If someone knows how, please tell me!

So if we are on your Google Reader feed or want to add us to your Feedly feed (or Bloglovin’ or anyth other feed service) now’s the time! And we thank you for reading. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to an empty stadium, especially when I ask questions and no one responds-haha!


If any of you have blogs, share a link in the comments. I’d love to add you to my Feedly feed!



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