Nuby Teething Blankie Review

Trent hasn’t started teething yet and I am definitely NOT looking forward to it. I’ve heard some horror stories, but I shall remain optimistic and hope for the best! I want to be prepared for whenever it decides to start, whether that means toys for him to chomp on, cold teethers, Tylenol, tequila…


Ok, so maybe that last one’s for me, but Trent does have a few items already…2 of them courtesy of Nuby!


Trent received the Nuby Teething Blankie and although he isn’t teething yet, that doesn’t mean we have to wait for him to play with it!



From Nuby:
  • The Nûby™ Teething Blankie is designed to comfort and soothe your toddler through the teething process. The multiple teething surfaces on each corner allow your baby to chew and cut their first teeth, relieving sore and sensitive gums. The blanket crinkles and squeaks with a gentle squeeze of the soft fun characters and helps stimulate your baby’s senses and imagination.
  • Available at these retailers:
    • Wal-Mart


There’s a lot going on with the Nuby Teething Blanket! Each corner has a plastic surface for baby to chew on, the bottom portion of the blankie crinkles, it’s super colorful, and has an animal face in the center that squeaks! Trent also really likes the 5 short ribbons at the top when I lightly sweep them down his face and he closes his eyes and smiles. It’s like they instantly relax him. 🙂



Having this as a toy has it’s benefits to some other toys. Since it’s a flat blanket, I can place it down on Trent for him to play with and it won’t roll away or fall over like other toys. Because of this, we make sure to give it to him when he’s in the car seat or cart seat at the grocery store.It’s really easy for him to grab onto, which is great since he is just learning how to do that. He can actually grab the blankie with both hands and he’ll move it around and bring it up to his mouth. He can’t squeeze the squeaky part yet, but he likes when I do it!



Trent also received the Nuby PurICE gel teether.



From Nuby:
  • PûrICE™ gel inside the teether stays colder longer than water filled teethers.  Raised, offset surfaces assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging infant’s gums.  Great for baby’s little hands.
  • Available at these retailers:


We tried to give the PurICE teether to him a couple of times, but since he isn’t teething quite yet, I don’t think he appreciates or understands the cold being placed in his mouth. However, after trying to give it to him once, I placed it on the couch until I was ready to get up and put it back in the fridge. After several minutes, I reached for it and it was still cold. I’m sure he will enjoy it when the time comes! We have other cold teethers ready to go, so I’ll update on what he likes once he starts using them.


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