Monster Party Bean Bag Toss

Knowing that Trent’s 1st birthday monster party was going to mostly be outside, we wanted to include a lawn game for kids (and adults too!) to play with when they weren’t in the pool. So we created a Monster bean bag toss!

Monster bean bag toss-11

Stuff we used:
2 large sheets of wood
Green paint
Dot sponge
White and black foam sheets
2 door hinges and required screws
2 small chains and 4 screw and washer sets
Bean bags


First, we drew an outline of the monster we wanted to make.

Monster bean bag toss-2

Then we screwed on the door hinges to the top inside of the piece of wood with the monster on it to the top of the other sheet of wood…this makes a V with the 2 sheets of wood.

Monster bean bag toss-3

Screw the chains onto the bottom of the sheets, connecting the sheets together. The door hinges and chains allow the sheets to fold flat and to extend out and stand in the grass independently.

Monster bean bag toss-4

We cut out the mouth using a jigsaw. This will be where the bean bags get thrown into, so keep that in mind when deciding how big (easy) or small (difficult) to make the mouth opening. Sorry, we forgot to take a photo immediately after this step, but you’ll be able to see the opening in the rest of the photos.

We used some leftover green paint from painting a side table in Trent’s nursery and a dot sponge to paint the monster.

Monster bean bag toss-6

Monster bean bag toss-5

We covered the entire monster except for the eyes and horns.

Monster bean bag toss-1

Then, to give the monster a little more dimension, we used a darker green acrylic paint to paint more dots over the lighter green. This step is totally optional as long as you cover the monster enough with however many colors you use.

Monster bean bag toss-7

Monster bean bag toss-8

We outlined the monster with black paint and also painted the edges of the wood inside the mouth with black.

Monster bean bag toss-9

We cut out horns, eyes and teeth from the foam sheets.

Monster bean bag toss-10

Add a basket with the bean bags, place outside and have fun!

Monster bean bag toss-11


You can see the full Monster 1st Birthday Party post, with lots of photos, a shopping list and other DIY projects HERE!



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