Mickey Waffles on a Stick at Home

Perhaps the most popular breakfast item at Walt Disney World is the Mickey Waffle. It’s just a delicious and comforting reminder that you’re in your happy place. Kids think they’re fun – fun to look at and fun to eat!

A year or so ago, we bought a “waffle maker” from Amazon and while it makes delicious Mickey Shaped pancakes, they aren’t the waffles like we know and love at WDW.

So we were so excited to find a new waffle-maker that makes mini Mickey Waffles on a stick – and they are PERFECT!

Mickey Waffle maker-1200


It’s the Classic Mickey Disney 4 Waffle Stick Maker and we got it on Amazon (<—direct link).

Mickey Waffle maker-1202


The best part is that you can use any waffle or pancake mix you want – from a box, from scratch, whatever you prefer! You just pour some batter in, then put the stick in (it comes with sticks already too!), then pour some more batter over it and let it cook about 5-6 minutes until it reaches that lovely golden-brown color. You can also make them without the sticks.

Mickey Waffle maker-1201


I can tell we’re raising Disney fanatics because Brett opened the Amazon box and Trent immediately said “Mickey waffles!” Then when it was time for dinner after his nap, he magically appeared in front of us holding the empty waffle-maker box and a box of Belgium waffle mix. We were like “Umm, are you trying to tell us something?”

He sat patiently at the kitchen counter waiting to get the first one. The ear is always the first thing to go!

Mickey Waffle maker-1203


These are perfect for dipping!

Mickey Waffle maker-1204 Mickey Waffle maker-1205


Even Aubrey got in on the Mickey Waffle action!

Mickey Waffle maker-1206


These were perfect for her to hold and take small bites from. She ate the entire thing!

Mickey Waffle maker-1207


They can also be frozen to enjoy later…just let them cool completely on a rack and then place them in a resealable freezer bag. When you’re ready to eat, just reheat in the waffle-maker or the oven. 🙂

I’m thinking we need to try these with brownie batter next! YUM!

Get your Mickey Waffle Stick Maker here!

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