May 2014 Walt Disney World Trip Report – Day 7

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Today was our last day and I was still set on not going to a park. That’s not unusual though…usually by the last day we are ready to not kill ourselves at a park and maybe get home a little early. Plus, we still needed to go to MacroBaby to look at double strollers and to IKEA…which is almost like going to a Disney Park!

We woke up around 9:30 and were out the door by 11. It’s never fun seeing the other side of this sign.

May Disney Day 7 - 1

Trent and Sheepy kept themselves entertained in MacroBaby.

May Disney Day 7 - 2

I just had to take a photo of this wall of diaper bags.

May Disney Day 7 - 3

The reason we came here was to look at the Phil & Ted’s inline stroller. With Aubrey on the way, we wanted to add a double stroller to our registry (and get it even if no one got it for us). We wanted something sturdy, that could be used for light jogging if needed, and was not side-by-side. That last part extremely limited our options. We thought we would like this one, but once we saw it in person, we just knew Trent would not go for sitting on the bottom…he wouldn’t be able to see anything!

May Disney Day 7 - 4

We did, however, take a look at the City Select Double Stroller on the way out (it was displayed up front) and that’s the one we ended up putting on our list and getting. We LOVE it and it’s great for Disney!

After MacroBaby, we had lunch at Burger 21, somewhere we had never eaten at before. It was close to IKEA and looked interesting, so we gave it a try…and it was so good!

They offer various drinks and milkshakes.

May Disney Day 7 - 10

May Disney Day 7 - 13

One fun part about Burger 21 is the sauce bar! They had 10 different sauces available for you to take as many and as much as you’d like! And these weren’t your ordinary sauces…sure, they had ranch and BBQ, but they also had Toasted Marshmallow!

May Disney Day 7 - 14

Of course, we had to try several of them! We had fun dipping our burgers and fries into them.

May Disney Day 7 - 9

I had the Black & Bleu Burger: Blackened to perfection, lettuce, tomato, applewood-smoked bacon, bleu cheese spread and crumbles, toasted brioche bun. The fries were lightly seasoned and very delicious.

May Disney Day 7 - 17

A close-up for ya…

May Disney Day 7 - 18

Brett had a chicken tender burger…also very good.

May Disney Day 7 - 15

Trent had a chicken tenders kid’s meal with grapes. In an unusual move, Trent went right for the chicken and took a big bite, only to find that it was scorching hot still (I hadn’t even had a chance to cut it up before he grabbed it!). He screamed and I had to pull it out of his mouth as fast as I could. While I appreciate fresh and hot food, you just can’t send out food that hot for a kids meal. Of course, after that he was hesitant to eat, but he eventually ate it…

May Disney Day 7 - 16

Chocolate milk in fun cups makes everything better.

May Disney Day 7 - 12

Last on our to-do list before heading home was a trip to IKEA. We wanted to pick up some stuff for Aubrey’s room.

Here is Brett in his happy place (besides Disney World), with his favorite carts (they move in all directions).

May Disney Day 7 - 19

I love how IKEA has these randomly placed fun centers for kids to play with while mommy and daddy look around.

May Disney Day 7 - 5

The hard part is telling your child it’s time to move on and then you have to deal with this…

May Disney Day 7 - 20

After a few hours (no lie) I think it was close to 4pm by the time we were on the road home. We realized we needed groceries, so Brett went to Publix while Trent and I played in the kids section at Books-a-Million.

May Disney Day 7 - 7

As soon as we got home, Trent bolted to his Rock Box, which had just been made right before the trip. It’s always nice coming back to familiar toys (and beds!).

May Disney Day 7 - 8

Overall, I was glad to have a vacation, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a vacation for me. I am glad Brett got so many amazing photos and that we got to enjoy things we hadn’t seen/done before, but I was so glad to be going home and pretty much decided there wouldn’t be another trip for a while, especially with a new baby due soon. Is that sad, seeing how much we love Disney? I don’t think so…I just think that I would rather go during a more enjoyable time so as I don’t start disliking Disney…like when it’s cooler and I’m not pregnant. I know that having kids along will always present its own challenges, and rewards too, no matter how old they are, but I could do without the terrible twos at Disney!


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