May 2014 Walt Disney World Trip Report – Day 5

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Today, we had just planned on going to Magic Kingdom in the evening, so we woke up a bit later and had breakfast at the food court, then hung out by the splash area for a while.

May Disney Day 5-1000

Trent liked giving me minor heart attacks as he ran around the outside of the splash area, which tends to be a little more slippery. Thanks goodness for water shoes!

May Disney Day 5-1001

I was pregnant during this trip, but that didn’t stop me from playing too – I just had to be careful…a word Trent doesn’t have in his vocabulary yet!

May Disney Day 5-1003 May Disney Day 5-1002

Brett grabbed lunch at the food court and we ate it in the room. Since I had yet to see the new Festival of Fantasy parade at Magic Kingdom and Brett said I really needed to see it, we headed over to MK just before 3pm. We found a nice spot at the end of Main Street and waited for the parade to start. There were some nasty clouds off in the distance and at about 3:05, they announced that the parade was cancelled for the safety of the performers. While I understand the reasoning, it never ended up raining…at all…so I never saw that parade this trip. Luckily, Brett had already taken so many amazing photos of it for me to see.

May Disney Day 5-1004 May Disney Day 5 - 2

We found out the next day that it stormed pretty badly at all 3 other parks, there was even hail at Epcot! We were lucky that we were in the one park that didn’t get any rain. Just shows how big WDW is!

Backing up a bit, this was us at our parade spot…I was holding this umbrella not because of rain, but because of sun and heat! IT was so hot and the sun was just beating down on us, even with those yucky clouds right there…gotta love Florida!

May Disney Day 5 - 1

They did have the band do a quick trot down Main Street before calling the whole thing off.

May Disney Day 5-1005

We didn’t want to leave MK after making the trip out there, and plus we had Fastpasses to use, so we headed over to Haunted Mansion. Either it blew away or someone stole our makeshift stroller cover/poncho while we were in there 🙁

We then hit up the store for some treats. The apples always look so interesting and yummy, but I never buy one…

May Disney Day 5-1007

We rolled Trent through the line and told him to pick out the treat he wanted.

May Disney Day 5-1008

And when we had to roll away from it to get to the register, he started flipping out! Luckily, the cashier was super quick and Trent was enjoying his M&M Rice Krispie Treat in no time.

May Disney Day 5-1009

Actually, he only wanted the M&Ms….

May Disney Day 5-1010

We strolled around for a bit, letting Brett take some photos.

May Disney Day 5-1006

I love when Brett and I get photos of the same thing, just from different perspectives. Here is Trent peeking at the castle through the railing….

May Disney Day 5-1012

…and I got him from the other side!

May Disney Day 5 - 3 May Disney Day 5 - 4

By this time, it was getting late and Trent hadn’t napped yet…and he was letting us know how unhappy he was. Brett coincidentally took the opportunity to go take photos elsewhere while I walked around the hub 50 times waiting for Trent to fall asleep. I tried sitting down in a corner by the water fountains, but it was a little too loud there…however, I spotted this very brave bunny who was not scared of me one bit.

May Disney Day 5 - 5

Success! (after about 30 minutes)

May Disney Day 5 - 7

After he finally fell asleep, I went and found an outside table in the corner of Pecos Bill’s to sit and relax with the iPad and an iced coffee Brett brought me. My pregnant feet were tired!

May Disney Day 5 - 6

Brett ventured around the park to take photos and the sky eventually cleared up.

May Disney Day 5-1011 May Disney Day 5-1013 May Disney Day 5-1015 May Disney Day 5-1014 May Disney Day 5-1016 May Disney Day 5-1018 May Disney Day 5-1017 May Disney Day 5-1020 May Disney Day 5-1019 May Disney Day 5-1021

When Brett came back, we walked towards Tomorrowland where we sat until Trent woke up…just in time for our FP for Buzz Lightyear!

On our way to Buzz, Trent was sidetracked by this thing…

May Disney Day 5 - 8

Don’t let this photo confuse you, we basically walked right on.

May Disney Day 5 - 9

One day, we’ll figure out where to look for the camera. Trent must have been confused about what I was doing.

May Disney Day 5-1022

After Buzz, Trent decided to grab two toys in the souvenir shop on the way out and not move without them. You should have seen how fast and swiftly he picked up two toys. Within a blink of an eye, I swear. Then he just stood there….standing his ground as only a toddler with the threat of a tantrum in WDW could.

May Disney Day 5-1023

So Brett got him a Buzz Lightyear and had the cast member open it for him. Best $30 we’ve ever spent. Trent played with Buzz for the next few hours without making a sound or wanting to get out of the stroller. Why didn’t we buy him one sooner?

May Disney Day 5 - 11

We then made our way to get our FP spot for the parade, but not before stopping to get a photo of this magnificent sight.

May Disney Day 5-1024 May Disney Day 5-1025

Trent sat and waited with perfection…thanks to our newly acquired Buzz Lightyear.

May Disney Day 5 - 12

The nighttime parade is his favorite.

May Disney Day 5 - 13

He enjoyed the parade and then we stayed in the same spot for Wishes. It was a little too close to the castle for many photos, but it sure was convenient.

May Disney Day 5-1026

We took a stroll around to kill some time since we didn’t want to leave the park when 90% of the crowds would be leaving at the time. We wound up near the Chesire Café by the teacups, so I took the opportunity to try one of the new cupcake cups. I initially picked one flavor, but the cast member gave me one of each without charging me for the second one!


They sure are pretty to look at, but we didn’t finish either one of them. They were just ok – nothing spectacular.

May Disney Day 5-1027

After our treat, we slowly headed out of the park and back to Pop. Good night!


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