May 2014 Walt Disney World Trip Report – Day 4

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Today, we had an early reservation at Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom, so we woke up at 6:30am…yikes!

The goal was to get into the park early before the crowds to try to recreate/take some maternity photos like we did with Trent.

We arrived at Magic Kingdom around 8 (our reservation was at 8:30). They changed the system since the last time we did something like this…in a good way! Before, you could just walk up to the entrance, tell them you have breakfast reservations, and they would let you right in…no questions asked. I had always suspected that many people were lying just to get in earlier. Now, you have to go to a cast member that has a clipboard with all the early reservations listed, where they will check you off and then allow you to go in. Yes, it added a couple minutes to our wait, but I’m glad that this now only allows people with actual reservations in.

We went in and started taking photos by the castle. Here is one of the photos, you can see the rest here.

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1004

Trent had a field day being able to run around. Typically, this area is too crowded for us to just let him run, so it was nice to see him getting all that energy out.

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1008

However, it was insanely hot & humid already and my hair turned into a frazzled mess, we were all sweaty, and Trent wanted to run like a wild animal everywhere. We snapped a few photos and then ran to Crystal Palace to hopefully get into the A/C asap. But not before taking in one more glimpse of an empty hub. 🙂

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1014

We were seated at Crystal Palace almost immediately. Breakfast was delicious as always. They didn’t have all the items I wanted (no whipped cream for my Pooh’s puffed toast!), but we ate a decent amount and got to relax in a booth.

May Disney Day 4 - 1

Breakfast of champions toddlers.

May Disney Day 4 - 2 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1020 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1019

Trent was shy when it came time to take photos with the characters and kind of didn’t want anything to do with them…

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1021

…but he was happy when they walked by and waved.

May Disney Day 4 - 5 May Disney Day 4 - 4

Crystal Palace has the perfect wall mirror for selfies!

May Disney Day 4 - 3

“K mom! I’m ready for some rides!”

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1022

We had some early Fastpasses, but we ended up not needing all of them. We went on Little Mermaid, Dumbo and Pooh all within an hour.

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1030

First up was Dumbo…LET US IN!

May Disney Day 4 - 6 May Disney Day 4 - 7

Trent was just getting used to selfie photos this trip and wasn’t sure what I was doing, but he has since become the selfie king…all it took was me reversing the camera so he could see himself. Silly me!

May Disney Day 4 - 8 May Disney Day 4 - 9

I love the water features on Dumbo, especially at night.

May Disney Day 4 - 10 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1032 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1031

This was my attempt to get Trent to smile for Brett, who was three Dumbos ahead of us.

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1033 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1034 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1035

I guess he only smiles when he’s running free…

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1028 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1029

Time to spin on some teacups!

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1039

It was hot and we were sweaty already!

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1038

Time to take an adventure to the Hundred Acre Wood!

May Disney Day 4 - 11 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1041

We would love for Trent to be able to run around more while in the parks. We feel bad when he is cooped up in the stroller for too long, but he ends up falling or not following us sometimes, so it doesn’t happen as much as we’d like, but I’m sure that will change soon enough!

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1040 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1037

Little Mermaid!

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1023 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1025 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1024 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1026 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1027

Even though it was before noon, we were already too hot, especially from running around so early, so we headed back to Pop.

May Disney Day 4 - 12

We had the ferry to ourselves. 🙂

May Disney Day 4 - 13

Back at Pop we had some fun playing and eating snacks at the splash pool. Have I mentioned how much I want one of these at our house?

May Disney Day 4 - 14

After our nap, we got ready and headed to Hollywood Studios. We had reservations for the new Jedi Mickey’s Character Dinner at Hollywood & Vine and it looked like we were going to make it just in time. Of course, it started pouring as soon as we got out of the car in the HS parking lot, so we had to power walk into the park. Can we ever just leisurely stroll into somewhere and not arrive sweaty and hot?

This was literally seconds before it downpour on us…Trent knew to cover up!

May Disney Day 4 - 15

We enjoyed the Jedi Mickey’s Character Dinner. You can read our full review in this post, which includes a bunch of food photos…yum!

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1102

At least Trent was a little better with the characters this time!

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1096 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1048 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1094

Brett met a few other Disney photographers in the spot he wanted to watch the Symphony in the Stars Fireworks, so I took Trent and went to Little Mermaid, thinking he would like the special effects.

Nope. He was more interested in the chairs (theater-style) and kept getting up and down, up and down throughout the entire show. I eventually had to put a game on my phone for him to play with so he would sit still until the end. What a pain in the butt.

May Disney Day 4 - 16

We then walked over to meet Brett and watched the fireworks show. Trent had fun feeding the ducks his goldfish (shhh don’t tell) and he actually watched the fireworks again. I think we found his new favorite fireworks show (seeing as he doesn’t really care for any of the other ones).

It was loud, so he covered his ears. LOL

May Disney Day 4 - 17 May Disney Day 4 - 18

I really liked our spot by the lake. I sat on the ground and although I had bars in front of me, at least it wasn’t a super tall dad with a kid on his shoulders…I can at least see through the bars!

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1097 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1098

Hollywood Studios was still open for another couple of hours, so Brett stayed at the park to take photos while Trent and I drove back to Pop. I’ll only post a few of his photos here, like his Facebook page too see many more!

Disney Day 4 May 2014-1099 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1101 Disney Day 4 May 2014-1100

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