Lego Birthday Party

For our nephew Aiden’s 7th birthday, he had a Lego Party!

He recently went to Legoland and has been hooked ever since! Although dinosaurs will always be his favorite, it’s nice to see him take an interest in something else. LOL! Mostly because I think our family has bought every dinosaur item out there…but now we can buy Lego Dinosaurs!

Jessi made Lego invitations for Aiden to bring to class…how cute are these?!

You could tell from the moment you stepped inside that it was a Lego birthday party, that’s for sure!

Lots of fun Lego themed party food…yum!

Mini pepperoni pizza legos.

Candies made with these Lego candy molds.

There was even a bouncy house in the backyard.

Ok, so that’s not part of the Lego theme…but the kids had fun! I bet they slept well that night! Even some adults got in on the action!

I would have jumped if it didn’t mean I’d bounce the baby out. That would be a total party killer.

At gift time, Aiden had a crowd surrounding him as he opened all his Lego gifts.

The cake was shaped and covered in fondant to look like a Lego…

…and the cupcakes had little Lego candies on top.

There was also a box of Legos on the table for the kids to build with, but the adults seemed to have more fun with this and we hogged the table. Coffee and Lego-building…sounds like a new hobby to me!

Jennifer made a “Pin the head on the Lego Man” game. She drew a large Lego man on posterboard and then drew and cut out Lego heads with different facial expressions. She has made several of these games for past parties and we told her she needs to open up a shop on Etsy….so creative!

All of his friends received Lego goodie bags to take home!

Such a fun day. Happy Birthday Aiden!

Lego Party

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  1. Emily Christner

    Do you have a template for the pin the head on the lego guy? We are having a party for my son in early December and I would LOVE to do this for him! Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Emily – that would be so fun! My mother-in-law drew it free handed, so there is no template. It’s a lot of straight lines and squares, perhaps you could use our photo as a guide and draw it onto a large posterboard? Or try Etsy! They may have something. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  2. Emily Christner

    DO you have a template for the “pin the head on the lego dude”?

  3. Leslie Beckworth

    Where did you get the red, yellow and blue bins you used on the table? I love Lots of your ideas, great party!

  4. So cute…thank you for posting! Where did you get the mold for the Lego candies?

  5. Hi can I please ask how you made the candy I already have the moulds but insure how to make thanks in advance

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