June 2013 Walt Disney World Trip Report – Day 5

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This post should actually be called “A bunch of photos where Trent’s isn’t wearing any shoes” – as I looked through the photos to make this post, I realized he isn’t wearing shoes in a single photo…or pretty much any of the photos from the entire trip. I guess when you’re not walking as much, there isn’t really a need for it…but that will definitely change for our October trip because he is a running fool now!

Today was the last day of the conference (high five!) and we were scheduled to be finished at noon, so no lunch today and breakfast was a collection of all the things offered on the prior days…blueberry bread, chocolate croissants and jelly filled pastries.

Trent napped so hard he made an ear imprint on his arm. Disney sure does know how to tire a baby out.

Disney June Day 5-1

We really had no idea what we wanted to do since we had plenty of time to explore for the night.  We needed lunch, so we headed down to the Contempo Cafe area. It was quite busy, so we just kind of stood there debating if we should just eat there, go to Epcot and find something, or look up any ADRs. We were standing there a good few minutes when a man that had been sitting on the nearby bench came up to us and asked us if we were on the Disney Dining Plan. We quickly said no, although we were both confused at why he was asking.

He said “Let me get your lunch.”

Say what?!

We both said “Excuse me?”

And he repeated it “Let me get your lunch for you….we are about to leave to go home (he then pointed at his kids) and we have a bunch of Dining Plan credits left that we won’t be able to use, so let me pay it forward and buy your lunch for you.”

We couldn’t believe it. I wonder if he sat there specifically waiting to spot a family that would benefit from his good deed or it was a spur of the moment decision, but I don’t care either way. What a nice man and such a nice gesture. To that wonderful gentleman, if you are reading this, thank you so much, you made our day. Free food at Disney? Heck, you made my year. I thought I was nice for handing unused Fastpasses to people as I leave parks, but you went to an entirely new level and I hope to pay it forward to others in the future, too.

So he told us to order 2 meals, 2 desserts, and a kids meal…so we made our selections on the touchscreen, got our food and picked out our drinks and desserts and met him at the cashier. We tried to make small talk but he didn’t really say much. His kids talked to us more than he did lol.

Either way, we got all this food for free…a little more than we would have gotten on our own, but we still consumed it in it’s entirety.

Disney June Day 5-3

Dessert was an oatmeal cookie for Brett and a worms n dirt cupcake for me and Trent.

Disney June Day 5-2

With all that being said, we met some of the nicest people on this trip. I truly was amazed. We never even had an issue with someone standing in front of us at a parade – which is something that happens almost every time. Even when we were on the 4th floor viewing deck at the Contemporary and an older kid showed up last minute and proceeded to run in front of everyone, a guy that was sitting near us politely told the kid to watch out for Brett’s expensive camera and that if he wanted to be up front, if he could please sit down so everyone that was here first could see. The kid ran away, but it got the job done lol.

So, with our tummies extra full, we headed to Epcot.

Disney June Day 5-4 Disney June Day 5-5


It had just started to rain, so we took shelter inside and had fun near the firetruck.

Disney June Day 5-7

Disney June Day 5-8

“Hey Ma, I found something that I’m taller than! But I’m still going to go on my tippy-toes anyway!”

Disney June Day 5-9

Now, I will let Trent demonstrate the proper form for “Stop, drop and roll.”

Disney June Day 5-10

Cover your face? When did they add that step in? Ugh too much to remember! haha

Decent family photo coming up next!

Disney June Day 5-11

Pretend sleeps.

Disney June Day 5-12

It was still raining, so we took a spin on Spaceship Earth.

Disney June Day 5-13

The rain had stopped while we were on the ride, so we ventured back out.

Disney June Day 5-14

Duffy had no line, so we jumped in to meet him. I always think that when a character has no line, that they must be gearing up to leave…that happens so often, we go to get in line and the cast member tells us the character is getting ready to leave and no more people can enter the line. Not this time, though, so I quickly pulled Trent out of his stroller so we would be next.

Disney June Day 5-15 Disney June Day 5-16 Disney June Day 5-17 Disney June Day 5-18 Disney June Day 5-19

Disney June Day 5-20

Wow, is that one half-ass smile or what? The funny thing about this trip compared to Trent’s first WDW trip in April was his reaction to characters. During the first trip, he couldn’t get enough of them…touching their noses, feeling their fur, hugging them….it was so darn cute. But for this trip, he had started to become quite the shy baby…he would shake his head no at characters (including Mickey…gasp!) and would turn away from them. It wasn’t too bad, as he didn’t scream or cry and would still interact with them somewhat, but it was definitely much different. I’m interested to see his reactions when we go this month…

China Pavilion.

Disney June Day 5-21 Disney June Day 5-22

Time to bang on some drums.

Disney June Day 5-23

Germany Pavilion.

Disney June Day 5-24


It started to rain again, so we took shelter in the Morocco Pavilion. The shops back there already feel cramped enough, even more so with a stroller and a bunch of other people escaping the rain. We stopped by the Kidcot station to have Trent’s name written in Arabic, but he only cared about biting the cardboard.

Disney June Day 5-25 Disney June Day 5-26

How cute is this little outfit?


Failed attempt at a nice photo.

Disney June Day 5-27 Disney June Day 5-28

Time to head back out!

Disney June Day 5-29

France Pavilion.

Disney June Day 5-30

My loves.


Disney June Day 5-31 Disney June Day 5-32 Disney June Day 5-33

Brett went to take some photos so Trent and I entertained ourselves.


Look who we have here, it’s Mary Poppins!

Disney June Day 5-34

He is looking at her like “I have no idea what you are saying, Lady, but I’m gonna hold on to my momma real tight, so don’t try any funny business!”

Disney June Day 5-35

I tried to get him to hold the umbrella, but he put up such a fight…he did not want to touch it!

Disney June Day 5-36

He did, however, let me put beer goggles on him. Priorities.

Disney June Day 5-37 Disney June Day 5-38

King Svenson.

Disney June Day 5-39 Disney June Day 5-40 Disney June Day 5-41

We stopped to enjoy some Off Kilter. Trent must have liked it, or was really tired, because he just sat there staring at them for the 10 minutes we were there.

Disney June Day 5-42 Disney June Day 5-43

I’ll take a dreary day at WDW than a sunny day at work.

Disney June Day 5-45

Oh, no! It’s flooding in WDW!

IMG_1985  Disney June Day 5-47

We jumped back on the monorail and went back to our room for a little while to let the rain die down.

Disney June Day 5-48 Disney June Day 5-49

After a little while, we got back on the resort monorail to head to Magic Kingdom for the night, but literally a second before the doors opened at the Polynesian, we decided to jump off and grab some Dole Whips at Captain Cooks.

Since they let you fill up your own cup as much as you want, we reignited our “who-can-build-the-biggest-and-best-ice-cream” feud, one that occurs on every cruise….this first one is Brett’s.

Disney June Day 5-50

Here is mine.

Disney June Day 5-51

Oh yes, I totally won that one. Brett was disappointed afterward and claims he didn’t know he could put so much in the cup. Pfft…whatever. I would have made mine taller if I hadn’t started going crooked. I think we need to keep practicing every time we go to WDW.

The real winner? Trent, who got to eat from both of our Dole Whips.

Disney June Day 5-52

Dole Whips + weird elevator music = this.

Disney June Day 5-53

Once we arrived at MK, we headed to Pirates of the Caribbean, where dead man tell no tales…

Disney June Day 5-54

We forgot to get a ride height photo at MK during Trent’s first trip, so we made sure to get one this time. He tried to stand up on his tippy-toes, but still not tall enough.

Disney June Day 5-55

We had said we wouldn’t stop to watch Wishes! this night, after seeing it the past few nights, but part of me just has the hardest time not watching fireworks when I am there. I love Wishes! so much, so I started quickly walking towards Fantasyland behind the castle, just to catch a glimpse.

Wow…I did not catch a glimpse. What I stumbled upon was perhaps my new favorite Wishes! viewing location.

Disney June Day 5-56

Yes, even better than the Tomorrowland Terrace during the Dessert Party. Although, if I had some dessert with me at this point, that would have just put us on cloud nine.

We stood next to the Carousel and felt so close to the action…because we were! The spray fireworks go off from rooftops directly behind the castle and then the main fireworks are behind the park. It was so loud, but so energetic. I loved being so close to everything and how it wasn’t just a bunch of rows of people staring in one direction. You could turn 360 degrees and have something to look at the entire time. It was just random groupings of people looking around, some standing, some sitting and some even laying flat and looking up. I stuck Trent on my shoulders and kept going back and forth on what to look at. We must have said “Ooohhh” a hundred times.

Disney June Day 5-57

Disney June Day 5-58

By the end of the show, Trent wanted me to put him down, but I knew the finale was coming up and thought we could get some good photos of us with it in the background (even though I was torn between actually watching the finale and having it be in the photo behind me…ugh, the sacrifices we make for a good photo…), so he was pushing and try to get down and it was a struggle to hold on to him…so this is what we got.

Disney June Day 5-59 Disney June Day 5-60

Well, at least they’re funny, right?

Now, it was time to go on some rides! The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Disney June Day 5-61 Disney June Day 5-62

Oh yes, we totally bought him this hat. But now I can’t find it and it makes me sad because he actually liked wearing it.

Disney June Day 5-63

Brett was wanting to get some photos of the Sword in the Stone, so Trent and I went on the Carousel…which was almost empty and the Cast Member even held the gate for me since she heard me tell Brett I was going to go on it.

Disney June Day 5-64 Disney June Day 5-65 Disney June Day 5-66

We wanted to finally catch the Main Street Electrical Parade, so we headed towards the Hub. They hadn’t roped everything off yet, but I saw the tape on the ground where I knew they would be putting up a rope…and there was no one there yet. Why, I don’t mind if I do. I quickly pushed the stroller over to it, put the brakes on and then sat down on the ground before Brett could even ask where I was going. It was a FANTASTIC spot.

Disney June Day 5-67

Can you believe in both of these trips, the most Trent has seen of this parade is far away from the Dessert Party and then about 30 seconds as we were leaving one night…both during the first trip. And after tonight, we were angry at ourselves that he hadn’t seen it sooner…the kid frickin loved it! He was clapping, screaming (the good kind), waving, smiling…he had a blast. Make sure you check out the video of our trip when I post it next week to see his reaction.

Disney June Day 5-68 Disney June Day 5-69 Disney June Day 5-70 Disney June Day 5-71 Disney June Day 5-72

After the parade, we headed back to the Contemporary. Before going to the room, we walked around for some random fun photos.

Disney June Day 5-75

Where’s Trent?

Disney June Day 5-76

An empty front desk.

Disney June Day 5-73

Tonight was my absolute favorite night. From the free lunch to the perfect spots for both the fireworks and parade without even having to wait, everything was…well, magical.

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