June 2013 Walt Disney World Trip Report – Day 4

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Breakfast was similar to a powdered jelly donut. I had given up hope on bacon.

Workin’ on the blog while I wait for the first session to begin. 🙂


Today’s lunch menu (sorry for the blurry phone photos again):


Yesterday’s salad was much better, but I was still happy for the appearance of pretzel bread in the bread basket again today.


Chicken, sweet potatoes and veggies.


Dessert = caramelized banana cake with chocolate and rum sauce.


After the conference, we drove to the Beach Club. We had reservations later on at Cape May Cafe, so the plan was to walk to Epcot and then walk back for dinner. We didn’t take the monorail because we didn’t want to walk through the entire park twice knowing we’d only be there for such a short amount of time.

We think the parking lot is quite far at the Beach Club, especially after a big meal of seafood and desserts, so we decided to take advantage of valet parking. Just now, while I’m writing this, I realized that we paid for valet parking when we could have gotten it for free because we have Tables in Wonderland. Damn – that makes me realize how many times we could have done it in the past and didn’t. Fail.

We walked to Epcot from the Beach Club through the International Gateway entrance and stopped in the France pavilion for some sightseeing.

Disney June Day 4-1 Disney June Day 4-2 Disney June Day 4-3

We tried to take a nice photo by the fountain, but all Trent wanted to do was play with the water. He made sure to let us know he wanted nothing to do with photo-taking and his displeasure with us keeping him away from the water.

You can see him trying so hard to play with the water…reaching his foot as far as he can just to touch it with his toe.

Disney June Day 4-4 Disney June Day 4-5 Disney June Day 4-6 Disney June Day 4-7

I took his foot out of the water and stood him up…that made him REALLY angry! HULK transformation in 3…2…1…

Disney June Day 4-8 Disney June Day 4-9

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!!”

Disney June Day 4-10

I give up – do what you want.

Disney June Day 4-11

Japan Pavilion.

Disney June Day 4-12 Disney June Day 4-13

We sat and watched the Bee Gees cover band “Stayin Alive” at the Sounds Like Summer concert.

Disney June Day 4-14

Italy Pavilion.

Disney June Day 4-15 Disney June Day 4-16

We then headed to the Norway Pavilion to ride Maelstrom!

Disney June Day 4-17

Trent did just fine. Darkness? Scary trolls? Drops in a boat? Bring it! This baby does it all.

Disney June Day 4-18

Trent representing his heritage and getting his Swedish Viking on.

Disney June Day 4-19

We continued walking and got a craving for a nice sugary margarita from the stand in Mexico. I hadn’t eaten in hours, so this drink started affecting me rather quickly. Drinking buddy, I am not.

Of course, it did make me want to eat lots of seafood! We walked back to the Beach Club and were seated at Cape May Cafe within just a few minutes. We didn’t take any food photos this time…too hungry to remember?? I don’t know, but you can check out some photos from the last time we were at Cape May Cafe HERE.

We enjoyed our delicious meal. Trent ate more this time than the last time we were here…he liked the fish nuggets and fruit. And the mini-cupcakes.

Disney June Day 4-20 Disney June Day 4-21

We then drove back to the hotel. For one of the perhaps least Disney-esque, decorated hotels, the Contemporary sure provides plenty of beautiful photos…especially with the monorail zipping by.

Disney June Day 4-22

We stopped by the room and then ran to the 4th floor fireworks viewing deck. There were already some people sitting there, but luckily there were still seats left in the 3rd row. Brett set up his camera and several of the people around us were chatting and playing with Trent. It was a very nice group of people and a relaxing, enjoyable way to wait for the show to begin.

Disney June Day 4-23 Disney June Day 4-24

This was definitely a convenient fireworks viewing spot, but be sure to still show up a little early if you want a seat! It’s not the best spot for fireworks photography, though, as the big set of fireworks are all the way off to the side behind Space Mountain.

After the fireworks, we took a look at the arcade…

Disney June Day 4-25

…and then we went swimming. Trent is a fish and loves the water and I was glad to finally be swimming, since it was way too hot with blazing sun during the day. Oh yeah, and that silly conference I keep having to attend 😉

After swimming we called it a night.


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