HP #StickaPic Party and Magnet Craft

As a member of the HP Smart Moms Panel, I was given the opportunity to host an HP #StickaPic party to experience and share the new HP Social Media Snapshots photo sticker paper and app. As an Etsy sticker shop owner, I love stickers, especially ones that can help me document my life in my planner and such, so the fact that these are sticker paper for photos made my giddy to try them! And the fact that the pictures can come directly from your social media channels, which let’s face it, hardly ever get printed, was definitely a bonus.

HP #StickaPic 1

HP #StickaPic 20

These little cardboard cutout sayings were perfect decorations for the party (almost like confetti!), as well as fun additions to our actual craft project for anyone that wanted to glue them on their photos.

HP #StickaPic 2


I had a basket of HP Social Media Snapshots for us to use at the party, as well as extras for everyone to take home and print to their heart’s joy!

HP #StickaPic 3 HP #StickaPic 4


I love the idea on the back of the package to make a little heart collage in the corner of a room…that would be so fun for a tween!

HP #StickaPic 5


Each box comes with 25 sheets of 4″ x 5″ photo sticker paper.

HP #StickaPic 6


In love with the back of the sticker paper…old-timey cameras!

HP #StickaPic 7


We had plenty of craft supplies out because we didn’t have a set project…people could make whatever they wanted. Some ideas:

-Decorate clothespins with paint or glitter then hang the snapshots by the pins off of a string along a wall

-Make a photo collage or scrapbook page and decorate with glitter pens

-Place the photos in your planner or calendar to document your life and decorate with washi tape (below were just 2 of the hundreds of rolls I have!)

HP #StickaPic 8


For my project, I made fridge magnets! I just needed the supplies shown below:

-HP Social Media Snapshots, of course

-Foam Board

-Magnetic tape

-Poster knife

HP #StickaPic 9


But first, we all had to download the HP Social Media Snapshots onto our phones. The app is available for free on iTunes and Google Play. It was very easy to find and install, and after selecting Instagram and signing in, I was ready to choose photos from my feed or my camera roll.

HP #StickaPic Collage 2


I considered making some family photos into magnets, but then I thought it would be even more fun to decorate our fridge with some Christmas in Disney photos from Brett (@DisneyPhotoSnapper on IG) since we have a trip coming up in December!

It was super simple to choose a photo, then select a layout (they even have a couple of Disney ones!) and edit the caption. When you’re ready to print, just click the print button, change the paper size and then click print again.

HP #StickaPic Collage


Having the HP Envy 5660 helped make printing super simple…these 4×5 sheets fit perfectly in the separate photo paper slot!

HP #StickaPic 10



HP #StickaPic 11


To turn them into magnets, just place the snapshot on top of the foam board and use the poster knife to cut the board to the size of the snapshot.

HP #StickaPic 12


Once the foam board is cut, peel off the backing the snapshot sticker paper and place the snapshot on top of the foam board cutout.

HP #StickaPic 13


Then, cut strips of magnet and place them on the back of the foam board.

HP #StickaPic 14


Then place them on your fridge, filing cabinet, or anywhere that a magnet works! Sheep magnet is optional. 🙂

HP #StickaPic 15 HP #StickaPic 16


Now we can be remind of our upcoming trip to WDW whenever we walk by! Even Aubrey pointed it out when she saw it the first time.

HP #StickaPic 17


These go great with our other, more silly Photo Booth strips from WDW we already had on the fridge. 🙂

HP #StickaPic 18


I’m already brainstorming more ideas for these snapshots! Christmas is coming and I’m thinking gift ideas for sure.


HP Social Media Snapshots are now available at Staples.

Now through November 30th, HP Social Media Snapshots are BOGO when you use the following link and click “redeem now”: http://www.staples.com/sbd/cre/products/151004/50055/index-2.html. At just $9.99 each, that’s an amazing deal!


As an HP Smart Mom Panel member, I received free products in order to host the HP #StickaPic party. The opinions expressed here are my own. Thanks for reading!


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  • Dawn E.
    Nov 21, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    Those are really awesome! And it looks like it was fun to do. 🙂