How to “Paint” Your Dragon

Netflix just released the 4th season of Dragons: Race to the Edge – based on the popular Dreamworks movie, How to Train Your Dragon…


…and we celebrated by painting our own wooden dragons!


We found these wooden dragon painting kits at a local craft store (Michaels, I think) and knew they would be a great way to correlate the show with an art project.


I recommend putting down some paper to make for easy paint cleanup.


Time to attach the wings!


YAY Dragons!


On our recent Royal Caribbean cruise, Dreamworks characters made lots of appearances, and Aubrey has become super attached to the Toothless stuffed animal we bought there. She loved seeing it onscreen and kept comparing it to the dragon she painted. Marketing works! Haha!

You can watch all 4 seasons of Race to the Edge on Netflix…but don’t stop there! There are other How to Train Your Dragon series’ available too!


There are even some Dragon-themed movies for adults too 🙂


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