Easy (and Cheap!) Wall Christmas Card Holder

We took down our Christmas decorations today. 🙁 We usually wait until after the New Year, but we aren’t having a party this year and figured it would be best since New Year’s Day is on a Tuesday and trash pickup is tomorrow (even though as soon as we put the cut up tree on the side of the road, someone came by and scooped it up!). Honestly, it was pretty nice to clean up and get back to normal. Christmas was fantastic, but putting everything away sort of signals the start of something fresh and that the countdown to warmer weather is on!

But since it’s still December, I wanted to try to squeeze in one more Christmas themed post!

Every year at Christmas, the Christmas cards start piling in, and while I love getting each and every one of them, I always felt bad that I never had an official place to display them. They would just sit on the counter or get piled up in one spot.

This year, we decided to finally do something about it and crafted a Christmas card holder for our wall!


All it took was a strand of green beaded garland, some green tacks and a glittery snowflake ornament, Less than $5. BAM!

Use the tacks to hold up the garland. You may need to remove the corner beads to make the tack fit, depending on the type of tack you have. We found these green tacks to closely resemble the green beads on the garland.


Use the snowflake as the tree topper and use Frog Tape or double sided tape to stick it to the wall.


Use Frog Tape to stick the portrait style cards or photo cards to the garland/wall. The landscape style greeting cards can just be folded over top the garland.


And there you have it, just a few dollars and a few minutes for a nice Christmas decoration and place to display all the Christmas cards your friends and family painstakingly create and send you. By the time Christmas rolled around, our card tree was full and I was so glad that we did this!


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