DIY Pirate Nursery Door Sign

After our Colorful Nursery was finished, we felt there was still something needed to complete our son’s room.

He needed a door sign so everyone know’s whose awesome room it is!

This project was super easy and took less than 30 minutes…my kinda project!


Wooden plaque

Small wooden letters

Black acrylic paint (or any color to paint the letters)

2 pre-made wooden cut outs (we chose a pirate hat and pirate ship)


Hot glue gun

Double-sided heavy duty adhesive tape

All items were from Hobby Lobby for less than $8 total!

I poured some of the black paint onto a paper plate and arranged the wooden letters as such.

I then painted two coats on each letter on one side around the edges.

Once the letters were dry, I used the hot glue gun to glue the letters to center of the sign and the wooden pirate cutouts on each side.

I then cut a long strip of double sided adhesive tape and placed it on the back of the sign…

…and pressed it up against the door to the nursery.

There’s no doubt about it…that Trent’s room! Arrrr!


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