Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

Disney Springs has transformed for the holidays. Of course, it also just completely transformed itself this past year, adding many new shops and restaurants, with many still being added, but Disney is really adding special touches that will make you want to go over and over this holiday season, including a Santa meet-and-greet!

While there recently, we took a stroll through the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail!



The trail is located in the Marketplace section of Disney Springs…right before you reach the bus stations and right behind the Christmas store.

There are several themed Christmas trees to enjoy, with themed, detailed ornaments…let’s check them out!



Princess, look away from the mirror!

disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-9 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-10 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-11 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-12

disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-13 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-14 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-15


Each tree has a handpainted sign along with all of the themed ornaments.

disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-16 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-17 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-18 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-19 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-20 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-21 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-22 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-23 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-24 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-25 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-26 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-27 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-28


I’m not sure I could pick a favorite tree…but the kids certainly enjoyed the “snow” 🙂 Every few minutes, some fake snow is sprayed all along the trail, making it a very festive trip along with the Christmas music playing in the background! There are many photo opportunities, and I’m sure you could even make use of all the decorations to create a nice family photo!



In addition to the Christmas Tree Trail, we walked all along Disney Springs and watched the new Starbright Holidays Drone Show!

disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-2 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-1 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-3


Starbright Holidays Drone show is shown over the lake on the West Side. Hundreds of drones light up the sky and make fun holiday shapes in the sky. It’s only 5 minutes long, but is played twice a night and definitely a must-see if you are here.

disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-4 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-5 disney-springs-christmas-tree-trail-6


Happy Holidays from Disney Springs!



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