Disney Haul ~ January 2017

I bought all the things. All the Disney things!

I recently went a little crazy online at the Disney Store, and then also on the Shop Disney Parks App. There were just too many cute new things and I couldn’t resist. You can see all the goodies below (not pictured were some clothes for the kids that were discounted during the Once Upon a Year Sale).


First, I bought three things from the Shop Disney Parks App. These journals are designed to look like old VHS tape containers – so cool!


The first page even looks like a VHS tape! The rest of the pages are lined and yellow, with a little character in the bottom corner.


These flip book notepads have a little scene with Mickey that you can watch when flipping through…which basically means I won’t be writing on them because I wouldn’t want to ruin them.


Last but not least, I just thought this Castle Chalkboard Magnet was so pretty.


Next, I went to DisneyStore.com to buy this item, and then, of course, ended up putting 20 other things in my cart. Oops. They came out with a new Minnie Mouse Signature line that is mostly yellow, black and white. This notepad binder is so adorable!


It is pretty thick and has a bunch of paper in it.


A pretty pencil is included, but it’s been 20+ years since I used a normal pencil…I’m a mechanical pencil girl, or a pretty pen would have been nice too.


Each page has a fabulous Minnie in the corner.


It’s no secret that I love Tsum Tsums, and these Tsum Tsum Bag Charms could not be passed up!


They actually stood out to me as planner charms too, so they have multiple uses.


Double sided Tsum markers.


Each marker has a fine tip and a brush tip.


Mugs were $10 each if you buy 2 or more. I’ll probably use these more for Instagram photo layouts than for actual drinking, so let’s just look at all the pretty in this photo…


I adore the MXYZ line! This Star Wars pouch was a lot bigger than what I was expecting and I have no clue what I’ll use it for, but I have a feeling Trent will take it over – he loves Star Wars. 😉


It is a wet, so maybe swimsuit stuff?


Or protecting my VHS journals? Hehe


These little Star Wars figures are erasers. ERASERS! OMG so cute.


The packaging is so cute too.


I don’t think I will be erasing anything with these because I don’t want to ruin them!


Cutest notepad and holder set ever.


Darth Vader stamp! I wish it didn’t stamp the Disney logo on there, but I guess Disney wants you to know and remember they own Star Wars now lol.


Little multi-page sticky note pad. Has about 6 pages with different sticky notes on each one.


Mini clipboards with matching notepads and pens.


I got these two notebooks for the kids. The outside supersoft plushy material and comes with a matching pen. These would be fun autograph books if the pages weren’t lined.


Tinkerbell coin purse. Every time Trent sees a pressed penny machine at WDW, he asks to do and neither of us ever have coins, so I thought this would be a fun way to keep change and remember to bring some for him to use the machines.


How cute are these socks?!


They have little balls on the back! Yup, I’m an adult! 😛


I hope you enjoyed shopping with me! 🙂


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