Disney Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Rooms

Ahoy, mateys!

In May 2011, we went on a cruise that departed from Port Canaveral on a Sunday. Coincidentally, we received a pin code by email from Disney during that time, so we decided to add on a night at Disney before our cruise. We got to enjoy Disney for a day and we only had an hour drive from the resort to the cruise terminal the next morning!

This was when we decided to try out the new Pirate-themed rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort. The themed rooms are typically priced a little higher than the standard rooms, but with the pin code we received, it was less than the standard room price! We stayed in a ship-themed room before going on a ship for a week…how appropriate (and appropriately cheesy! Haha).

Here’s a quick description of the Caribbean Beach Resort. It is conveniently located in the Epcot area.

Image courtesy of WDWinfo.com

There are 2,112 rooms and the buildings are grouped into villages named for various Caribbean islands. The pirate rooms are located in the Trinidad South village. In our opinion, this was the only negative of staying in this room, as we like to walk to the main building for food and shopping when we can, and it was quite a far walk. There is a small pool located nearby, but the main pool is located near the main building. Brett took a walk to get a drink while I took a nap in the evening (I tried so hard not to, but I failed!) and he was not expecting it to take so long. Take this into consideration depending on which pools and locations you prefer.

Image courtesy of WDWinfo.com

Upon entering the room, you immediately notice all of the pirate-themed decorations.

The beds have ship masts above the headboards and bedding decorated like a treasure chest of coins and jewels.

Wooden barrels and crates are transformed into tables and dressers…

…and the refrigerator!

The carpet is made to look like planks on a ship.

Other decorative items are placed throughout the room, including a divider with a large pirate skeleton between the bathroom and the sleeping area.

The shower wall contains a really neat carving of the Flying Dutchman.

Overall, I was glad we stayed in this uniquely fun room. Now that we know we have a little pirate on the way, I see another stay in a pirate room in our future. It also makes for great photo opportunities!



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  • Lyn Milliman
    Oct 1, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    It’s changed a lot since we last stayed there! The kids would love this!

    • Lynn Svenson
      Oct 1, 2013 at 10:09 pm

      When did you stay? This was from mid-2011 of just the Pirate room. It was such a fun theme…I can’t wait to bring Trent back and to try out some of the other themed rooms around WDW.

  • Lin
    Nov 12, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    This is officially the Lyn/Lynn/Lin thread…how funny.
    Your pictures encouraged us to book this room for our upcoming trip regardless of the hike to and fro. Our little boy is going to be in Pirate heaven.