December 2014 Walt Disney World Trip Report Day 3

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Another beautiful day today!

I was super excited for today. I had a Fastpass for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and I actually had a chance at riding it! I have either been pregnant or without a Fastpass on our trips since it opened, so I had yet to ride it, even though Brett has already been on it several times, including the day it opened during the 24 hour event last year.

We got a little bit of a late start and I was so close to not being able to make it – when we arrived at Magic Kingdom and saw that we may be able to make it to the ride, we hauled booty to get there. In fact, I was a couple of minutes outside of my FP+ window but I was able to still get on…I actually walked right on, no wait whatsoever.

I’m not sure if you can see me…I’m the one waving and smiling like a crazy person in the back.

December Disney Day 3-1000

I went through the ride so fast that Brett was able to ride after me using his FP+. He took a photo of me video-taping him. If you watch our video from this trip, I got a good video of Brett while he was riding.

December Disney Day 3-1001

Here are my thoughts on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: the detail is amazing, the ride is interesting and fun, but it is so very short. I wish it were longer. I wouldn’t wait very long to ride this, but that’s my opinion on every ride basically…20 minutes or less with or without a FastPass. Lynn doesn’t wait in lines. I foolishly waited 2 hours for Soarin’ when I was a Disney newbie back in the day and went with someone other than Brett and was horribly unprepared during Thanksgiving. Never again.

December Disney Day 3-1002

We then went on the Liberty Square RiverBoat, since it wasn’t running the past couple of times we were there.

December Disney Day 3-1003

December Disney Day 3-1013 December Disney Day 3-1014 December Disney Day 3-1015 December Disney Day 3-1011 December Disney Day 3-1016

Brett climbed the Swiss Family Treehouse, something neither of us had done in a long time, so he could get some interesting photos from a different viewpoint.

December Disney Day 3-1004

December Disney Day 3-1005 December Disney Day 3-1006

After this, I don’t recall every little thing we did…sorry, it’s hard to write down every trip detail when wrangling 2 babies, but I know we just started meandering around the park – I don’t think we actually rode anything.

December Disney Day 3-1007

To make up for it, here is a castle picture. 🙂

December Disney Day 3-1008 December Disney Day 3-1009

And ducks. Because, well, baby chicks….

December Disney Day 3-1010  December Disney Day 3-1012

On our way out, we finally grabbed a Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae.

December Disney Day 3-1017

We sat at the Tomorrowland Terrace to enjoy it.

December Disney Day 3-1018

It’s rather small for the price, but we mostly just wanted the container it came in anyway.

December Disney Day 3-1019

The ice cream distracted Trent so Aubrey could steal his dinosaur.

December Disney Day 3-1020 December Disney Day 3-1021

We made our way out the park and back to the hotel. We had the WDW Magazine Dessert Party that night, so Epcot was on the agenda. I stayed at the hotel with Trent and Aubrey for naps and a little relaxation while Brett headed to Epcot early. He spotted some deer while on the monorail. 🙂

December Disney Day 3-1022 December Disney Day 3-1023 December Disney Day 3-1024 December Disney Day 3-1025

I just love all the Christmas decorations.

December Disney Day 3-1026 December Disney Day 3-1027

We met everyone at the UK Pavilion, right near the entrance of our party. It has been so fun meeting new Disney fans/writers/photographers that contribute to the WDW Magazine and it was wonderful of Carl (from Dad’s Guide to WDW and WDW Magazine) to organize this event for all of us to finally meet (well, those that haven’t already met) and enjoy some dessert and fireworks.

The view was amazing, and surprisingly, Aubrey slept through the entire thing and Trent wasn’t scared of the fireworks. He sat on my lap while the fireworks were going off and she slept in her stroller. In fact, she fell asleep before the party and didn’t wake up once, so no one got to meet her! 🙁 Maybe next time.

The desserts were great and it was nice not having to stand around so early for a good viewing spot. Unfortunately, even with a bunch of photographers there, I didn’t see very many photos of the desserts or the party. We managed to snag a few, though.

Trent was ready for the show in his front row seat! He didn’t know we were about to watch fireworks lol


Disney December 10 Disney December 11 Disney December 12


That last photo was taken by Laurie’s (from Pics from the Wold of Disney) husband while we were all oblivious and watching the fireworks.

There was no shortage of fireworks photos!

December Disney Day 3-1031 December Disney Day 3-1032

I really enjoyed how they added an extra Holiday segment to the end of Illuminations. It got so bright my video turned entirely white!

After Illuminations, we left Epcot, but not before grabbing some photos, of course.

December Disney Day 3-1028 December Disney Day 3-1029

I wish we had the option to add our photo to these, we would totally do it!

December Disney Day 3-1030

We took the monorail to the TTC, then hopped onto the resort monorail. Brett got off at Magic Kingdom, while I continued on to the Contemporary with the kids. MK was still open for a couple of hours, so Brett took the opportunity to take some photos.

December Disney Day 3-1033

He actually met up with Judd from WDWOW and Andy from WDW Shutterbug, since they had the same idea after leaving the party at Epcot, and they walked around the park together taking photos.

December Disney Day 3-1034 December Disney Day 3-1035 December Disney Day 3-1036 December Disney Day 3-1037 December Disney Day 3-1038 December Disney Day 3-1039 December Disney Day 3-1040

Have I mentioned how much love all the Christmas lights and decorations everywhere???!!

December Disney Day 3-1041 December Disney Day 3-1042


The next day, we just slowly checked out of the hotel and made our way back home. It was a nice little trip with lots to do, as usual! Stay tuned for our next trip report!


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