After a Disney Vacation Blues Syndrome

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We shared a guest post over at Dad’s Guide to WDW today. To all my Disney fans, be sure to go check it out…if you’ve ever taken a Disney trip, then you’ll probably relate to what I discussed…

After a Disney Vacation Blues Syndrome

That’s the name Dad at Dad’s Guide to WDW gave for the time period after coming home from a Disney trip. You have lots of emotions and have difficulty transitioning back to the real world. I discuss the ways that it affects me. I’ll start the post here and then you can finish it up over there. Enjoy!


Hi everyone…Lynn here. We have been back home from our Disney World trip for a little over two weeks now and are slowly tackling the trip report and all the photos to share with everyone (we’ve been sharing some over on Dad’s Facebook page…if you haven’t yet, go check out all the awesome photos that people share there!). We had a fantastic time, but as with any vacation…we feel it went by way too fast.

In the meantime, I wanted to discuss the terrible condition I am experiencing. It’s one that you’ve probably experienced, perhaps multiple times. It seems to happen after every Disney trip and it may affect certain members of your family more than others. Dad has even mentioned it before here on the blog…

I have ADVBS…

“After a Disney Vacation Blues Syndrome”

Here’s how ADVBS has been affecting me.

-I wonder why there isn’t someone at my door to tell me “Welcome Home.”

Art of Animation

Click here to finish reading over at Dad’s Guide to WDW!



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  • Stephanie
    May 28, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    LOVE IT. I have a bad case of it, and our next trip isn’t until Jan 2014, and I can’t plan much b/c the hubs is running the races for RunDisney, so I have to work on the spur around how he will be feeling, etc. No dinner reservations for us until the races are over and he can eat the good (heavy) food again, haha.

    • Lynn Svenson
      May 28, 2013 at 8:57 pm

      How fun! I would LOVE to run a Disney race someday! Good luck to him and I hope you guys get some good food afterward!