A Netflix #StreamTeam Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Adventure in New York City

As a proud member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I get to share something with you every month regarding Netflix. It can be anything from a craft that goes with the new Puss in Boots cartoon, to a meal inspired by Orange is the New Black. Netflix really does have something for everyone and that makes it so fun to get creative each month.

Back in March, to celebrate the hilarious new comedy series, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a contest was held among the #StreamTeam members to get creative and share a post that goes with the theme of the show. Five winners, including myself, were chosen to “Catch up on the present” in New York City and enjoy experiences fit for the characters of the show. If you’d like to see the post that won me a spot on this wonderful trip, you can see it here.


Although I have been to NYC several times as a child (I grew up about 2 hours away in NJ), I was still so very excited for this trip. Not only was I going on a trip to partake in some pretty fabulous activities, but I was going without kids! I almost forgot what that was like!

Since Kimmy was in a bunker for 15 years, she has a lot to catch up on…and so it was only expected that we fit as many activities that Kimmy, Titus and Jacqueline would enjoy as possible into three days. Before our trip, Netflix totally hooked us up with this Mole Woman Survival Kit, complete with a new GoPro to record our adventures.


I’ll be sharing each day in a separate post, which I will link to from this main page. I wanted to make it just one post, but I have about 200 photos! Do you expect anything less from The Photographer’s Wife?! (Although if Brett had come along, I probably would have 1,000 photos!)

NYC 153


But first, here is the video of our weekend for you to enjoy!


Check out each day of my adventure by clicking each link below (will be updated with links as each day is posted):

Day 1: “The Ghostbusters Restaurant”

Check-In, Exhale Spa, & Tavern on the Green


Day 2: “I’m having candy for dinner!”

SoulCycle, Central Park Movie Tour, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Esca Restaurant, & Lion King on Broadway


Day 3: “I don’t think that’s Titus under there…”

Sarabeth’s and Solo Time Square Adventures


Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC Review


Lots of memories and mementos!




Be sure to check out Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix! The entire 1st season is available to stream and it’s hilarious!


Thank you to Netflix and their PR team for this amazing trip! All of my expenses were paid for, but my opinions are my own and honest. Relive all of our experiences by searching the hashtag #StreamTeamUKS on Instagram.


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