5 Kid-Friendly Green Drinks for St. Patrick’s Day

I felt kinda sad we didn’t do anything special for Trent on Valentine’s Day this year. Last year, I at least gave him a red stuffed animal and some cookies, but I just kept putting off thinking of anything special because “he wouldn’t know either way.” What a terrible thought! Just because he wouldn’t know it’s a holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and find a special way to enjoy it.

For St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be fun to make a green drink we can all enjoy…so it would have to be non-alcoholic for a toddler and pregnant woman! haha

After a little searching, I found several ideas, but I haven’t decided yet. Here are the 5 I’ve narrowed it down to – I wanted to share them with you to give you some ideas if you need them too!

Kid-Friendly St Patricks Day Drinks

1. Green Mean Machine from Small Fry Blog

This was the first one that caught my eye (I also follow them on Feedly). It’s simple with lime sherbet and lemon-lime soda.


2. Homemade Shamrock Shake from Brown Eyed Baker

I’ve never had the one from McDonald’s, but I hear it’s quite popular!


3. St. Patrick’s Day Punch from Pocket Change Gourmet

This one is a little variation from #1, with this one being more of a punch drink than a smoothie/shake.


4. Key Lime Pie Green Smoothie from Healthful Pursuit

This one has more ingredients than the other drinks on the list, but I know Brett likes Key Lime Pie, so he might like this.


5. Kid-Friendly St. Patrick-tinis from Anders Ruff

These are made with Jello, but honestly, they just look so pretty to consume!


And because I can never resist the opportunity to share a photo…here’s one from last St. Patrick’s Day!

Trent 9 months-1

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