Catch Up on Fall Shows with Netflix

I don’t know about you guys, but wow is Summer television lacking. We have a couple of shows that we watch just to have something on while eating or relaxing, but nothing that we MUST WATCH. This past weekend, the Walking Dead spin-off started, so that is something new for us to anxiously await each week (why can’t every series be released all at once like Netflix?). So I am certainly looking forward to some of our favorite shows returning in the Fall, as well as maybe trying out a few new ones.

But, if you’re like me, you may need a little refresher as to how the last season ended. Or maybe there is a show you’ve been meaning to watch for the past few seasons and want to start at season 1 before picking up on the new season. Netflix can help! They have so many shows available to stream so you can get caught up and ready for the Fall lineup!

Here are some shows that will be returning to tv this Fall with prior seasons available on Netflix!

Netflix Collage

My Netflix home page has a few sections showing the available tv shows, including both prime time, cable and Netflix-exclusive series. Just a click to get started!

I have been wanting to watch Scandal for some time now, but always thought I would have no clue what was going on if I didn’t start with Season 1, so I finally started the other day while on the treadmill…so good! I’m excited to watch more!

What shows are on your watch-list for this Fall?


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